11 Brilliant Gifts for the Hostess

December 23rd

Give ‘em a treat they won’t feel compelled to share with their guests. Made with Ecuadorian dark chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt, these truffles are the perfect salty-sweet combo.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

December 18th

This rich and velvety vegan chocolate pudding is sure to satisfy even the most serious chocolate craving.

(VIDEO) Healthy stocking stuffer ideas for the holidays

December 14th

Have you gotten the big gifts for the holidays all taken care of? Are you still struggling with what to do for stocking stuffers? Nutritionist Kelly Springer joined us on Good Day Rochester Wednesday, showing us stocking stuffers, with a twist.  Just because it’s the holiday, doesn’t mean you still can’t be healthy.

Fighting food waste: Companies at the forefront

December 13th

According to Feeding America, about 25 to 40 percent of food that we grow, process and transport is never consumed. A growing number of food and beverage brands are trying to combat this pattern by prioritizing environmental responsibility in their supply chain and product development practices.

A Gift Guide For The Holiday Foodies

December 9th

The holidays aren’t the holidays without that one person at the party whipping out a bag of truffles you haven’t tried yet. With these flavors, you’re sure to be the life of the party.

14 Holiday Food Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday Season

December 7th

Dark chocolate lovers prepare yourselves because Alter Eco’s gift set is filled with tasty little treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt. Their deep dark sea salt bar, dark blackout bar, and black truffles are all crafted from cacao beans that hand-harvested in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian coast and they’re gluten-free […]

Easy Ways To Shop Smart And Be A Conscious Consumer This Holiday Season

December 1st

Sinha recommends Alter Eco Foods, a company with innovate solutions. Not only do they employ certified fair trade practices and pay living wages, they partner with local organizations to support women’s empowerment programs as well as training initiatives for farmers.

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Teacher in Your Life

November 29th

Sustainable, ethically sourced foodstuffs let you give delicious treats with no guilt. The dark chocolate in these gluten-free, organic truffles comes from Ecuador, and the sea salt from Guérande, France. They’re certified Fair Trade and are 90 percent cocoa.

11 Thoughtful Gifts For The Fair Trade Foodie In Your Life

November 29th

For the friend who’s mindful of foodie, flavor, and the planet, Alter Eco’s truffles are delicious, addictive, and come in compostable packaging. The perfect gift to give, all in one? We think so. 

Food Stamps Can’t Be Used Online? Businesses Helping SNAP Recipients Move to the Internet Marketplace

November 23rd

Edouard Rollet is co-CEO and co-founder of Alter Eco, a global organic foods brand that surpassed $22 million in revenue in 2015. Rollet’s company partnered with Thrive Market on the initiative. “For us, supporting this initiative wasn’t a financial equation, but a moral one,” Rollet says. “We want to make healthier foods widely available, and […]

Feasting on good works

November 22nd

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mathieu Senard (for this piece), one of the founders of Alter Eco, a company doing remarkable good works in every step of their process. In that interview, Senard said that business is “the greatest force on the planet right now.”

We Tasted 7 of Alter Eco’s Chocolate Bars to See Which Is Best

November 20th

A brand committed to food activism without compromising bold flavor, Alter Eco is defying chocolate’s “guilty pleasure” reputation. This fair trade-certified chocolate doesn’t let your taste buds down, and you can indulge shamelessly knowing that each bar you purchase helps restore the rainforest and is made with minimally-processed, organically-grown ingredients.

A French Girl’s Natural Beauty Rules For Fall

November 9th

Healthy snacks are very important for me. Whether at the office or traveling, I have roasted, unsalted almonds and dark chocolate. I love Alter Eco; the quality is fabulous.

Holiday Wish List

November 7th

For the chocolate-lover in your life, Alter Eco’s Deluxe Gift Box will surely satisfy their sweet tooth. Includes Salted Caramel Truffles, Sea Salt Truffles, and 8 of Alter Eco’s best-selling chocolate bars. Arrives boxed and ready for gifting.

Meet the Bay Area’s fastest-growing private companies of 2016

October 13th

This year’s group of Fast 100 winners run the gamut from marketing and staffing firms to fintech innovators to specialty food retailers. The variety of industries represented on the list signals the diversity and health of the larger Bay Area business community.

2016 Gluten Free Essentials Awards

October 12th

Alter Eco Dark Salted Burnt Caramel Organic Chocolate hits all the right notes—organic, gluten free, fair trade, and absolutely decadent.

Clémence von Mueffling’s French Girl Beauty Rules

October 11th

In the past few years, I have discovered some incredibly delicious dark chocolates. It’s my favorites snack or sweet treat after lunch and dinner. The darker, the better (less sugar too!) but I also love if they have a touch of additional flavor… almonds, pinch of sea salt… Some of the best brands here in […]

15 Rules from Tracy Anderson for Fast Weight Loss

October 7th

I’ll have coffee with steamed whole milk, a big salad, then a snack of Eden tamari almonds or an Alter Eco dark chocolate bar (one of these Best Chocolates for Weight Loss), then fish and vegetables…for dinner.

The Best Things to Buy at Whole Foods, According to Foodie Experts

October 6th

I have a few squares of organic dark chocolate every day as ‘me’ time. Knowing I have this treat to look forward to helps me easily say no to other sweet or salty snacks.

The 12 Best “Clean” Dark Chocolate Bars

October 5th

Consumers of high-quality chocolate will want to look beyond its health benefits to consider the environmental and social impacts of its production. Look no further than Alter Eco, whose organic, fair-trade dark chocolate bars are part of a product line that includes quinoa, rice and sugar grown in impoverished regions throughout the world.

SELF Editors’ Choice Food Awards: The 10 Best Low-Calorie Sweets And Treats

September 23rd

Our dietitians were on the lookout for a dark chocolate bar that’s at least 65% cacao, made without any hydrogenated oils or trans fats. This 70% cacao bar fit the bill, and we love that a sprinkle of sea salt (fleur de sel de Guérande, to be exact) brings out its natural sweetness. We also […]

9 Foods That Can Make for a Week’s Worth of Meals

September 20th

Mathieu Senard, co-founder and co-CEO at Alter Eco says that “quinoa is a versatile superfood that’s perfect for eating morning, noon and night, and can be cooking in batches for leftovers that will last three to four days.”  

Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

August 24th

Alter Eco Provides USDA Certified Organic, environmentally friendly, gluten-free foods from all over the world.

Alter Eco Hires Vice President of Sales, Sales Manager

August 18th

Alter Eco announced the appointment of seasoned sales guru Brett Isis Fisher as western region sales manager. A 20-year veteran in the natural products industry, Fisher will lead traditional retail and alternative channel expansion throughout the western region for Alter Eco.

Support Companies Who Give Back to the Community with These 17 Products

August 9th

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar is an organic, fair trade, dairy-free, and gluten-free chocolate bar. It is made with cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, quinoa-rice crisps, and vanilla beans. This bar is also carbon neutral and sustainably sourced. Alter Eco prides itself in providing equal job opportunities for women, helping their quinoa […]

Quinoa with a Purpose

August 1st

Alter Eco, pioneer of globally crafted organic and fair trade foods with full-circle sustainability, has spent years cultivating and crafting the first-ever compostable Gone4Good pouch.

Chocolate Cashew Vegan Ice Cream

August 1st

Using soy lecithin-free chocolate is essential; the additive will cause the base to separate (we learned this the hard way). We developed this recipe using Alter Eco Dark Blackout Chocolate.

Alter Eco Appoints Natural Product Industry Veteran Jason Berry as New Vice President of Sales

July 30th

Alter Eco®, pioneer of globally-crafted organic foods with full-circle sustainability, has tapped Jason Berry as the company’s new vice president of sales. A 25-year veteran in the natural products industry, Berry brings extensive experience to his new role at Alter Eco, having recently held leadership positions at Boulder Brands and Clif Bar. Hot on the […]

Alter Eco Fortifies Growth with Hiring of Brett Isis Fisher as New Western Region Sales Manager

July 30th

Alter Eco®, pioneer of globally-crafted organic foods with full-circle sustainability, today announced the appointment of seasoned sales guru Brett Isis Fisher as western region sales manager. A 20-year veteran in the natural products industry, Fisher will lead traditional retail and alternative channel expansion throughout the western region for Alter Eco. The announcement follows Alter Eco’s […]

The 17 Best and Worst Dark Chocolates

July 25th

This Alter Eco bar has only 4 grams per ounce and 6 grams per serving, making it a solid choice.

Celebuzz’s 8 Favorite Things of the Week – July 23, 2016

July 23rd

 Guilt-free chocolate? Yes please! Fair trade certified, this bar is soooo velvety good. It only has five ingredients and is 100 percent organic, so I don’t feel bad at all when I inhale the whole thing in one sitting!

6 Guilt-Free Chocolate Bars to Try on World Chocolate Day

July 7th

Alter Eco’s mission is to be environmentally responsible, socially just, and reliably delicious. They pay a Fair Trade certified price for all their products, which are sourced from small-scale, farmer-owned cooperatives. This empowers farmers, especially women, to invest their income into their own businesses and improving their living standards. They are committed to transparency and […]

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Quinoa’s rise to superfood superstar status and the challenges it must address

June 24th

The co-founders of Alter Eco, which sells Royal Quinoa from Bolivia that is Fair Trade and organic, are proactively addressing these threats by working with small scale farmers who preserve traditional farming practices and a wide variety of quinoa seeds. And they are helping to pave the way for a brightest future for quinoa and […]

7 Healthy Snacks That are Low in Calories

June 22nd

Quinoa is one of those foods we often associate with a healthy superfood, which is why it’s made this list. Always a good healthy go-to, the Rainbow Heirloom Quinoa packs a crunch in every nutritional bite. The nutty, protein-packed Royal heirloom quinoa is grown on Bolivia’s arid, volcanic Salar De Uyuni salt flat, making it […]

Delicious Living Magazine Announces 2016 Best Bite Award Winners

June 15th

Delicious Living initiated these awards to highlight the wealth of natural food and beverage products on grocery store shelves that excel in health, ingredient sustainability, social mission and of course, flavor.

Delicious Living’s 2016 Best Bite Awards

June 14th

This fruity and ultra-dark chocolate bar is the real deal. At 85 percent cocoa content, a square of this consciously sourced organic bar is enough to satisfy any craving. Made with just four ingredients: cacao beans, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar and vanilla beans.

15 Amazing Weight Loss Tips From Kim Kardashian’s Nutritionist

June 13th

A dark chocolate, no-sugar-added chocolate bar will also do the trick. We like Alter Eco Blackout. Three squares have just 144 calories, 3.6 grams of sugar, and 8.4 grams of carbs.

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Dinner Builder

June 7th

I really enjoy Alter Eco’s Heirloom Quinoa because not only is it delicious, but Alter Eco is a company I feel good about buying from because they do such a great job at giving back to the environment.

(VIDEO) KCRA 3 Kitchen: Coconut Chip S’mores

May 21st

Lifestyle expert Deanne Goodman whips up some delicious s’mores with a twist.

Alter Eco Foods and Bare Snacks are Heart Healthy Food and Snack Choices

May 19th

Alter Eco Foods believe terroir can be one of the single most important players in the flavors and quality of food — as do many of their partner producers who work incredibly hard to create the highest quality ingredients. 

Alter Eco’s Gone4Good™ Packaging Eliminates Plastic Pouch Problem

May 12th

Alter Eco has always focused on full-circle sustainability and we ensure our full portfolio of chocolate bars and truffles, Royal heirloom quinoa, rice and unrefined sugar are all Fair Trade Certified, Carbon Neutral Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. As the first company to seek Fair Trade Certification for our chocolates 15 years ago, we have […]

7 Clean Snacks Under 200 Calories You Can Find at Whole Foods

May 10th

Alter Eco Organic Rainbow Heirloom Quinoa is a nutty, protein-packed royal heirloom quinoa that packs a bright and festive crunch in every nutritional bite. Not only is it just 190 calories per serving, but it’s also now in new packaging made of compostable materials. Quinoa is one of the best complex carbs to help you […]

10 Foodies Gifts You Can Still Order for Mother’s Day

May 3rd

Make mom feel special with this unique unique gift set of truffle and chocolate assorted flavors like Dark Almond and Sea Salt. It’s all made from gluten free, organic, non-GMO and fair trade chocolates.

Celebrate Earth Day With Gluten-Free Products That Give Back

April 21st

Alter Eco, makers of so many of my favorite gluten-free products (from truffles to quinoa to chocolate bars), have made sustainability a huge priority. They do their best to make so much of their packaging recyclable and compostable. For example, their Heirloom Quinoa is now packaged in the company’s Gone4Good pouches, which are the first […]

Alter Eco Strives to Be a Carbon Negative Business

April 21st

As a certified B-Corp, Alter Eco’s environmental goal is to be a carbon negative business – meaning it insets more than it emits, in part by planting thousands of trees. Since 2008, the chocolate maker has planted 28,639 trees and in 2015 its actions helped generate 2,592 tons of CO2. In 2016, it plans to […]

(PODCAST) Earth Day Special on Full Circle Sustainability

April 20th

In celebration of Earth Day 2016, we’re featuring Mathieu Senard of Alter Eco. Alter Eco is a full circle sustainability company – from the earth to the earth. Their products are organic, fair trade, carbon neutral and, even their packaging is biodegradable. Their mission is nothing short of global transformation through ethical relationships with small-scale […]

Good News: It’s OK to Eat Quinoa Again!

April 19th

Ensuring that you’re choosing organic and fair trade options will help prevent pricing issues and support sustainable farming practices, which benefit both farmer and consumer. Alter Eco makes multiple varieties of quinoa in awesome new sustainable packaging. The company began working with Bolivian farmers as early as 2005.

Alter Eco Appoints Industry Veteran Erik Mattias as New Vice President of Finance

April 12th

Alter Eco™, pioneer of globally-crafted organic foods with full-circle sustainability, has tapped Erik Mattias as the company’s new vice president of finance. A 15 year veteran in the natural products and retail food industry, Mattias brings extensive experience to his new role at Alter Eco. The announcement follows recent appointments of new executive and sales […]

Heirloom Fruits and Vegetable Breed Interesting Prospects

April 7th

Alter Eco as an example of how heirloom varieties resonate with consumers. The company was one of the first to bring quinoa to the United States, and called its product Royal Quinoa. The product originates in Bolivia, but consumers didn’t connect that fact with the name Royal Quinoa; it lacked that sense of place. ‘So […]

Viva Vegan Chocolate!

April 1st

The nutty, toasted, puffed royal pearl quinoa added a fun, light, crispy crunch to this Ecuadorian dark chocolate, with raw cane sugar, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean.

Travel Treats

April 1st

Vacations are a time to let everyday stressors dissipate, and dark chocolate can help achieve that goal. Alter Eco wowed us with their Dark Blackout chocolate bar, which boasts a whopping 85 percent cocoa and organic, fair trade ingredients.

4 Pioneering Products With Sustainable Packaging

March 29th

This brand’s new Gone4Good packaging, made from compostable materials, took years to perfect. Composed of FSC-certified eucalyptus and birch trees and printed with nontoxic inks, it both protects the quinoa inside and biodegrades in your home composter.

The Good Chocolate Guide

March 25th

All of Alter Eco’s cocoa beans are plucked from organic trees in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian coast. Together with Alter Eco, you are changing the world, one delicious bite at a time.

Make a More Sophisticated Basket This Easter

March 24th

Alter Eco makes the best gluten, soy, GMO, artificial flavor free chocolate truffles! Having tried the sea salt and the caramel truffles, I have to say, AMAZING. Yes, they are chocolates, but you have to have a little candy during the holidays. Alter Eco makes several different popular flavors of truffles and any of them […]

9 Real Food Snacks for the Road

March 16th

It’s hard to believe that the delicious silky, dark milk chocolate truffles are made with just seven ingredients. Added bonus: You can feel good about the individual packaging because they come in compostable wrappers.

NEXTYs: The Best New Natural Products at Expo West 2016

March 14th

Pouch packages are hugely popular—but they’re not recyclable, meaning they go straight to the landfill. Alter Eco has taken a step in the right direction by making one from compostable materials. The patent-pending packaging is made from birch and eucalyptus wood pulp, non-GMO corn and non-toxic ink.

19 NEXTY Award Winners Revealed at Expo West

March 12th

Best Packaging: Alter Eco Quinoa Pouch Made From Compostable Materials

Alter Eco Showcases Revolutionary New Gone4Good™ Pouches at 2016 Natural Products Expo West

March 8th

Alter Eco®, pioneer of globally crafted foods with full-circle sustainability, will showcase its groundbreaking and first-ever laminated Gone4Good™ stand-up quinoa pouches made with plant-based and compostable materials at 2016 Natural Products Expo West. A finalist of the show’s NEXTY Awards in the Best New Packaging category, the revolutionary patent-pending pouch was produced to help reduce […]

Profit Not the Only Motivation for B Corporations

March 8th

“We were able to integrate all the elements of our mission into our articles of incorporation,” said Mathieu Senard, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Alter Eco, a B Corp since 2009. “Legally binding, our product has to be organic and non-GMO.” He added that Alter Eco made the switch as soon as the possibly could, in […]

2016 NEXTY Finalists Named

March 8th

The award is given to products that display true innovation, inspiration and integrity with the purpose of bringing more health to more people. The vast field of finalists displayed high standards in transparency, sustainability, packaging, use of ingredients and give-back missions.

Breaking Down Alter Eco’s Quest for Sustainable Packagaing

February 29th

Many brands spend months, maybe even years, developing an amazing, carefully sourced organic, fair trade product with quality ingredients that consumers will love. And then they package it in a piece of trash.

56 NEXTY Award Nominees Display the Innovation, Inspiration and Integrity of the Natural Products Industry

February 17th

Pouch packages are hugely popular—but they’re not recyclable, meaning they go straight to the landfill. Alter Eco has taken a step in the right direction by making one that’s compostable. The patent-pending packaging is made from birch and eucalyptus wood pulp, non-GMO corn and non-toxic ink.

Add Romance to Valentine’s Day: 3 Eco-Products

February 11th

Alter Eco’s mission is ‘global transformation through ethical relationships with small scale farmers and an integral sustainability orientation with every point in the supply chain.’ Well said my friends, we support you! YUM!

The Best Dark Chocolate for Valentine’s Day (or Any Day)

February 4th

This perfect bar is rocking just four ingredients: cacao beans, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, and vanilla beans. It’s the LBD of dark chocolate.

20 Healthy Foods You Better Eat in Moderation

February 4th

Not only can dark chocolate help boost your heart health, it can also help you flatten your belly, thanks to its digesting-slowing stearic acid content.

Quinoa Repackaged into Pouches Made from Compostable Materials

February 2nd

Alter Eco switches from a non-recyclable laminated pouch structure to a “Gone4Good” backyard-compostable stand-up pouch made from non-GMO (genetically-modified organisms), plant-based materials.

Score Big This Super Bowl

February 1st

Indulge in organic gluten-, soy- and GMO-free chocolate.

Indian Spiced Coconut Mango Quinoa

January 19th

Our Indian Spiced Coconut Mango Quinoa combines the lovely spices of India with Alter Eco’s Organic Red Heirloom Quinoa, a special combination with the addition of creamy coconut milk, sweet organic mango and antioxidant rich goji berries.

Alter Eco Launches Revolutionary New Quinoa Pouches Made from Compostable Materials

January 15th

Alter Eco®, pioneer of globally crafted foods with full-circle sustainability, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking stand-up quinoa pouches made from compostable materials. Produced to help reduce the more than 17 percent of plastic landfill materials in the United States, the innovative and patent pending pouches made from compostable materials are made from birch […]

Alter Eco: Sweet Like Chocolate

January 14th

Alter Eco is a pioneer of globally crafted organic foods, including delicious Swiss-made chocolate bars and truffles, Bolivian Royal quinoa, heirloom Thai rice and ascobado cane sugar. Their collection is beyond delicious but what we really love is that all Alter Eco products are 100% USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Carbon Neutral Certified, Non-GMO […]

Alter Eco Taps Diana Torres as New Eastern Sales Manager

January 7th

Alter Eco™, pioneer of globally-crafted organic foods with full-circle sustainability, today announced the appointment of Diana Torres as the company’s new eastern sales manager. Torres brings more than 10 years of industry experience in the Northeast region to her new role at Alter Eco, where she’ll be responsible for growing the brand’s presence and multi-channel […]

8 Food and Beverage Predictions for 2016

January 4th

While many brands use recyclable plastic to contain products—or in Method’s case, use plastic derived from ocean plastic—the next iteration for sustainable packaging is compostable. After consumers are finished with a product, they can throw the package into their home compost pile.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas We Love

January 1st

Chocolate is the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, and if you want to offer your customers a truly exceptional chocolate experience, Alter Eco chocolates are where it’s at!