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  Last year, Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op took part in a contest to sell Alter Eco’s fair trade chocolate truffle variety packs; maybe you, dear reader, were even one of the awesome customers who purchased a box. If you did, I’d like to say a big “Thank you!”, because this past fall Mississippi Market was named winner […]

Tomy Mathew is the founder of Calicut’s and Kerala’s first FT Organic Grocery store.  Tomy and his wife Seepja founded Elements in 1999, after moving back from Chennai. The establishment of Elements allowed farmers of Kerala to catalyze the now thriving Fair Trade movement in Kerala.   Tomy’s journey into the Fair Trade movement was […]

  Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? Thanksgiving, a time for family gatherings, eating until your pants don’t button, food coma-induced naps and football watching on the sofa and filling your fridge with leftovers that inevitably end up in the trashcan. Why do we use Thanksgiving as an excuse to be […]

Six Bolivian quinoa farmers visited the U.S. this year with our friend, Sergio Nuñez de Arco of Andean Naturals. They visited Washington, D.C. and Baltimore for the annual Natural Products Expo East. Farmers Efigenia, Irineo and Arturo are siblings from the Urcuri community in the Pampa Aullagas Region of Bolivia. Raised in the countryside, they […]

Each trip on the Alto Huayabamba River offers a different view of the vast, lush landscape and its illuminating sky, whether it be shrouded in fog with the sun peeking through, or clear and bright with cotton candy clouds, or dumping rain. It is the living highway of the San Martin region giving glimpses of […]

  It’s time for the second letter of the alphabet to shine! Do you like taking action on challenging problems, creating value for society, or elevating business standards? Did you know there’s a certification for that and a global community surrounding those aspects and many others? Welcome to the life of a B Corp. A […]

  Observations from our hometown municipal waste facility   Recently some members of Alter Eco’s team had the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes tour of our hometown municipal waste facility: San Francisco’s Recology. Waste is something we think about all the time here at Alter Eco as we consider the impact our business has on our […]

  From red and green to purple and orange, there are so many healthy options when it comes to fresh fruits, vegetables and  grains. Including a wide selection of each into your daily diet will increase the amount and variety of vitamins and minerals that you can benefit from. Such an intake offers health benefits […]

To follow up from last month’s blog post on the Whole Foods Market Team Member volunteer work with the cacao farmers, I wanted to tell you a bit more about this region of Peru, and more specifically the untouched primary forest at the end of the River Alto Huayabamba known as Martin Sagrado and its […]

  Our latest visit to our cacao cooperative in Peru was a bit different than those past. This time we were not only there to visit our cacao producing farmer friends, talk about their annual harvest and community and development programs, we were also there to introduce 11 volunteers from Whole Foods Market, ready to […]