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Mercy George Orathel

FTAK (Coconut Oil)

Name: Mercy George Orathel

Age: 35

Product: Coconut Oil

Education: Primary education


Mercy George Orathel is 35 years old and lives in Kerala, India with her husband and two children. She completed 10 years of primary school in the district of Kannur, India, before beginning work on the farm. 



Family Status: Married to George Orathel. Mercy and George have one daughter Rhin who is 14 and one son Visal who is 13. Both of their children are in middle school. 

Family Income: US $1,700 per year from coconut sales, not including additional sales from a host of other tropical, traditionally grown products. 

Land: 3.25 acres

Water Source: Accessible on farm

Closest School: 2 kilometers away