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Rungroj Kajutrotha

Name: Rungroj Kajutrotha

Age: 41

Product: organic Thai rice

Education: Rungroj became a rice farmer at a young age with his father.


Rungroj learned how to farm rice from his father and joined the movement for rice farmers very young.  He was trained at a local NGO on farming when he was 20 years old. The NGO was analyzing the challenges of small-scale farmers (debt, capital, environment, health, low market price, middle men). In 1995, organic rice farming became a solution for many farmers experiencing health issues from pesticides.

He lives with his wife and 2 children, a son of 15 years old and daughter of 11 years old.  Both of his children attend school only 5 km from their house.  

His goal for the future is to help other rice farmers to transition over to organic farming. With an increased compost production, the cooperative is now able to support more and more farmers transitioning into organic. His family is very supportive of this dream. 

“When consumers buy our rice, the money goes to help small-scale farmers. Everything is very real; the impact on the quality of our life is real.”