Alter EcoNourishing Foodie, Farmer and Field

Victor Haroleon

Name: Victor Haroleon

Age: 66

Product: Cacao

Education: Victor attended school for 10 years. Before he became a cacao farmer, he was trained and worked as an electrician.


Victor has 3 children and owns 10 hectares of land. His main crop is cacao, but he employs a biodiversity model by planting many different species within this land. From December to April, cacao is his principle crop. But he also grows mangos, mandarins, oranges, bananas and plantains. He also raises cows for milk and meat.  

Victor is one of the leading producers of UNOCACE Cooperative to help in the rehabilitation of old or abandoned cacao fields. One method he’s extremely passionate about is grafting new cacao branches onto older cacao trees. This allows him to get a higher yield per tree. 



Family Status: married with 3 children.

Production Capacity (per hectare): 120-140 quintals/year (5,800-6,800 kgs)

Land: 10 hectares