For One Food Company, the Key Ingredient for Success is Fairness

December 4th

Food company Alter Eco is attempting to create a holistic, sustainable global food distribution system, one that resolves those moral quandaries by inserting a crucial ingredient—fairness.

Spring Rolls With Shrimp, Red Rice and Herbs

October 8th

On the surface this looks like a classic spring roll, with the shrimp beautifully displayed against the thin rice flour wrapper. Inside, though, Alter Eco red jasmine rice replaces the traditional rice noodles.

Quinoa Salads With Spring Vegetables

June 12th

Quinoa makes great salads because it has such a vegetal flavor. It can be the main ingredient or a lesser element added for texture and variation. This week’s recipes have great staying power, so make some of these on a Sunday and take them to work during the week.

How to Keep Your Chocolate Fix Healthy

June 6th

The virtues of chocolate just keep coming. A recent study found that eating dark chocolate every day over a decade may lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.  But before you indulge, make sure you make your chocolate treat healthy by remembering these tips.

Alter Eco Joins to Create Funding for Nonprofits

June 5th

Alter Eco proudly adds coupons to CommonKindness to help generate new funding for America’s favorite nonprofit organizations.

Alter Eco’s Dark Coconut Toffee Bar: As Good as its Producer’s Politics

May 28th

Alter Eco’s new Dark Coconut Toffee 47% Cacao chocolate bar with butter and sea salt is our newest keep-away bar:  Keep it away from me or I’ll eat it all. It’s a good thing they only sent one, as a case would have gone down just as easily.

Fair Trade Chocolate, Tea, Spice and Coffee Sales Jump 75 Percent, Study Says

April 20th

A bite of Alter-Eco’s Dark Chocolate and Quinoa with a cup of rooibos superfruit tea from Choice’s organic Jane Goodall tea collection.

5 new fair trade foods and beverages from Expo West 2012

March 14th

At Expo West 2012 this past weekend, I had the good fortune of attending a rooftop cocktail party hosted by Fair Trade USA.