The Easiest Gluten-Free Desserts to Bring and Make for a Holiday Party

December 22nd

Shopping, wrapping, get-togethers, traveling… Needless to say, the holidays are the most hectic time of the year. If you’re hosting a party or dinner, or you’re attending someone else’s and have offered to bring a gluten-free dish, consider keeping it simple.

The Art of Chocolate: Woo Customers With Craft, Story and Health

December 15th

Chocolate. It’s craveable, it’s delicious and, until recently, it has chiefly been associated with indulgence, decadence and even sin. After all, how many times have you heard customers say they’re giving up chocolate for Lent? But with scores of studies now suggesting dark chocolate can improve circulation, symptoms of stress, and blood pressure and cholesterol […]

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

December 14th

If you have some friends or family on your list that would love a gift that can help them stay fit and healthy in the new year, I have some amazing last minute gift ideas for you! 

6 Natural and Organic Bars to Elevate Your Chocolate Set

December 10th

From a conscious company comes a creamy 42 percent cocoa chocolate bar that is softened with a small amount of milk powder and butterfat from grass-fed cows. Fair Trade Certified and organic, each bar also contains raw cane sugar, as well as cacao beans and cocoa butter from the Peruvian cooperative Acopagro.

The VegNews Guide to Vegan Chocolate

December 9th

Need chocolate? Our ultimate, up-to-date guides to vegan products give you everything you need to know.

Global Gifts that Give Back

November 25th

Santa Claus is nothing if not a citizen of the world. How else do you explain his journey to dole out presents to deserving girls and boys across the globe? The commercialism of contemporary Christmastime may make this yearly international expedition seem more like a materialistic gift dump than an altruistic venture, but its roots […]

Gifts that Taste Great

November 16th

What are the Holidays without Great Food/ Novelties, Old Favorites, and New flavors waiting to be discovered

10 Healthy Snacks That Are Delicious (and GMO-Free)

November 14th

As the desire for healthful living increases across the county so does the desire to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — and with good reason. While most of us are aware that the bulk of U.S. corn and soy crops are genetically modified, you might not be aware that sugar cane, alfalfa, tomatoes, potatoes, papayas, […]

The Best Breads and Grains for Men 2015

November 13th

No, carbs aren’t evil. Eat the right ones and you’ll load up on fiber and down the essential vitamins and minerals you need daily.

4-Ingredient Chili Chocolate Truffles

October 27th

These are it! The perfect Halloween treat to nibble on while passing up all the other processed candies out there; trust me your waistline, health, and energy will thank you for it later. I love the mix of sweet, spicy, salty all wrapped into one and these Chili Chocolate Truffles have all that, and are […]

The VegNews Guide to Vegan Halloween Candy

October 26th

Here at VegNews, we make it our job to be on top of the newest products, the must-try sweets, the gotta-have-it items. And just as important as it is to know what those new items are, we want to share them with you, so that you can be the most current conscious consumer out there. […]

Trick Your Tastebuds With These 6 Healthy Halloween Snacks

October 26th

Halloween is the unofficial start of the holiday season. But, from being pushed with everything from those fun size (and regular sized) candy bars to Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie), the challenge of trying to eat healthy can be more terrifying than a haunted house. But it doesn’t have to be […]

20 Creative Quinoa Dishes You Won’t Get Sick Of

October 19th

There’s lots to love about quinoa: it’s full of fiber, protein, and folate as well as other vitamins and minerals and incredibly easy to make. It also works with any meal — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert! But in case you feel like your quinoa rotation is getting stale, we’ve got recipes that’ll make […]

11 Ways to Enjoy a Non-GMO Breakfast

October 16th

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, seem to be in everything I like to eat for breakfast: cereal, bread, pancakes and waffles, syrup (if it’s made from corn syrup), even fruit. But given the health and environmental risks posed by GMOs, I’d rather avoid GMO-tainted foods if I can. In honor of October’s Non-GMO Month, I […]

Is Quinoa Worth the Health Hype?

October 15th

Quinoa is so two years ago. Really: the United Nations declared 2013 the “International Year of Quinoa.” But the crop is still cool, agree all of our experts. Nutritionally, few things supercede this superseed. For 222 calories, 1 cup of cooked quinoa packs 5 grams of fiber and 15% of a person’s daily FDA-recommended iron. You […]

Dark chocolate holds many health benefits but brand really matters.

October 15th

There is a growing awareness concerning the health benefits related to Dark Chocolate– as an increasing number of studies bring conclusive evidence of how even minimal daily consumption can help lower the risk of some very serious diseases. However, not all dark chocolate is equal– as we shall soon see, the method of processing dark […]

Alter Eco Appoints Lisa White as VP of Operations

October 14th

From here we move to Organic food brand Alter Eco, which has hired Lisa White as its new vice president of operations. White, who previously worked at Annie’s Homegrown and Global Organics, is also a trained chef. 

Good Buys For Foodies

October 7th

The best new books, tools and treats for food lovers.

Gluten Free Essentials Awards

October 1st

Alter Eco Organic Royal Rainbow Quinoa is Fair Trade-certified color on the plate. Light and fluffy, with a pleasing texture and taste.

How To Stop Poisoning The Neighborhood Children On Halloween.

October 1st

When I was a child I loved candy. I always found a way to have some on me, somewhere, hiding in secret cabinets or in my pockets. I know first hand how detrimental these “treats” are to your health and am so happy that I’ve now found a way to enjoy my life (and holidays […]

Get More Fiber With This Quinoa Granola Recipe

September 30th

Quinoa granola bars can be the perfect afternoon healthy snack. It’s main ingredient is quinoa. This superfood is a whole grain from South America that contains both protein and fiber.

This is the perfect day of eating for fat loss

September 26th

We’ve all gone through points in our lives where nothing seems to settle—every day, something changes or throws us for a loop. And when it comes to nutrition and food science, it’s no different.

8 Healthy Chocolate Bars That Actually Taste Good

September 26th

Halloween is one of the year’s most indulgent holidays. Candy is within arm’s reach everywhere you go, and while I won’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat, I think it doesn’t hurt to have informed options. I tasted a (large) handful of bars to pick out the most delicious, and I called upon […]

VIDEO: ABC’s KATU Fast & Fresh Weeknight Dinners

September 21st

Healthy Grocery Girl Megan Roosevelt visits Portland’s ABC KATU news channel to talk fast and fresh weeknight dinner ideas!

Compostable Candy Wrappers

September 12th

The exterior of Alter Eco’s candy wrappers appear to be purely colorful and fun, alike packaging that is used for hundreds of other sweet products on the market. However, what makes Alter Eco’s chocolate truffle wrappers truly standout is that the metallic foil can be planted in the ground and composted—in about six weeks, all […]

America’s First-to-Worst Dark Chocolates—Ranked!

September 11th

No one will dispute the fact that chocolate tastes good. But there’s a lot of argument over whether chocolate is good for you. Now, two new studies have added to the growing controversy over whether eating chocolate really can play a role in improving your health.

Health Back to School Snacks

September 10th

Tasty and healthy lunchbox picks.

You Can Just Bury This Compostable Candy Wrapper Once You’re Done Eating

September 10th

The wrapper around Alter Eco’s chocolate truffles looks like normal metallic foil. But after you eat the candy inside, you can plant it in your backyard. It’s the first home compostable candy wrapper—safe for compost bins or backyards—and the company is now working on making all of its packaging compostable.

Alter Eco Deep Dark Sea Salt Organic Chocolate

September 3rd

I’m in love with the coco… sweet and salty treat! Deep Dark Sea Salt Organic Chocolate from Alter Eco has one of the best flavor combinations. Made with high quality Ecuadorian cocoa and hand harvested sea salt all the ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, contain no artificial flavors, and are fair trade. I love ending a […]

2015 Best Bite Awards

September 1st

Choosing the winners and finalists for the Delicious Living Best Bite Awards is always a challenge. This year, we were blown away by the quality of nominations for natural retailers, manufacturers and our invested and knowledgeable readers. Out of the thousands (yes, thousands!) of submissions we received, the following natural foods and beverages rose to […]

A New Wave of Grains

September 1st

In January, General Mills launched Cheerios + Ancient Grains, which contains oats, quinoa, Kamut wheat and spelt; Kashi recently debuted Sprouted Grains, an addition to the brand’s Organic Promise line. These are just two examples of the hundreds, if not thousands, of new products coming out as ancient grains mature from bulk-bin staples into mainstream […]

Best Chocolates for Weight Loss

August 30th

There is a dark side to living the sweet life, and it comes in the form of weight gain. Whether your sweet tooth is calling the shots or not, we all enjoy a little indulgence now and then. Chocolate and candies have been the downfall of many a diet, but that doesn’t mean you have […]

Alter Eco Taps Industry Veteran Lisa White as New Vice President of Operations

August 24th

Alter Eco™, pioneer of globally-crafted organic foods with full-circle sustainability, today announced the appointment of Lisa White as the company’s new vice president of operations. White brings extensive experience in the natural and organic space to her new position at Alter Eco, having held leadership roles at companies including Annie’s Homegrown and Global Organics. The […]

What’s That Big “B” on the Label?

August 10th

If you see the “B” on a label, you may be pleased to know that company is not driven by profits alone; they’re also looking to have a positive social impact. Here’s exactly what it means and the criteria for companies seeking this certification.

(VIDEO) Local author explores the origins of food production

August 4th

He’s telling the story of the items we often take for granted, and you can read all about it in his book, “Where am I Eating?” An Adventure Through the Global Food Economy. Author Kelsey Timmerman is also the author of, “Where am I Wearing?” A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That […]

A Chocolate Revolution

August 1st

Chocolate lover? You’re not alone. The recent news of the global chocolate crisis has sent confectionary aficionados into a worldwide frenzy. In just the past year, we’ve consumed approximately 70,000 metric tons more cacao than produced according to the International Cocoa Organization, and with weather, disease and socioeconomic issues thwarting production in Africa where 70 […]

Back to School Awards

August 1st

Alter Eco Salted Caramel Truffles are absolutely decadent, but can be eaten without guilt since they’re made with flavonoid-rich dark chocolate by an environmentally conscious company. 

Off the Shelf

August 1st

Alter Eco Rainbow Quinoa is bright, festive, and chock full of nutrition–1 cup quinoa + 2 cups water = 4 servings, so you can enjoy it in creative ways all week long. 

6 Chocolate Brands Creating Social Change

July 31st

Words like eco, organic, healthy, tasty, and sweet can be found in one single product: chocolate. If the word “chocolate” is not sufficient enough, the other good part is that many of these organic chocolate products are also fair trade chocolate bars that are creating a social change and an environmental impact.

The challenge with quinoa (apart from pronouncing it)

July 27th

When I was first introduced to quinoa, I thought it was one of those words purely designed to catch me out and showcase my ignorance. ‘What is this kin-oh-ah stuff?’ I’d say to myself whenever it popped up on menus or supermarket shelves. Eventually, I dared to utter the word out loud. A more worldly […]

Is Rice Gluten Free?

July 15th

Alter Eco, which specializes in exotic sustainable foods, offers several types of rice that’s certified gluten-free, which means special care has been taken to avoid any contact with gluten in farming and production. At this writing, Alter Eco listed Khao Deng Ruby Red Rice, Thai Sticky Purple Rice and Hom Mali Jasmine Rice as gluten-free […]

Organic and all-natural trends: Healthy people, happy planet, tasty treats

July 15th

Organic. All-natural. Non- GMO. These labels are popping up everywhere — and while the majority of the organic industry applies to fruits and vegetables, growth is being seen in other food categories, including candy and snacks.

Silky-smooth sweetness: New gluten-free chocolate truffles from Alter Eco

July 15th

Have you ever tasted heaven? I have! And in my case, “heaven” comes packaged neatly in pink and orange compostable candy wrappers. You might know them as Alter Eco truffles, but to me, they’re truly divine.

13 Ways to Break Out of Your Lunch Rut

July 9th

Remember what it feels like to get excited for lunch? You don’t need high-tech equipment or even finely tuned kitchen skills to build the midday meal of your dreams.

Foodie Infatuations

July 1st

From beef jerky to dairy alternatives, all of these scrumptious foods and snacks are 100% clean. 

DIY S’mores Bar with Homemade Flavored Marshmallows

June 9th

I have a super fun summer party idea for you …Backyard Movie Night with a DIY S’mores Bar! We took the liberty of “testing” this out for you (haha) last weekend, and it was a huge hit. I let my girls each invite 5 friends to celebrate the end of the school year, and they […]

Alter Eco: Nourishing Foodie, Farmer, and Field

June 1st

Globalization is the integration of people, ideas, and products around the world. With today’s technology we can speak and share ideas with someone on the other side of the world in an instant and deliver goods within a week. This has allowed our world to advance at an extremely high rate. Not only are good […]

Why You Must Eat Chocolate Daily

June 1st

Doing so will accelerate your slim-down. When German researchers put dieters on a low-carb plan and gave some of the a daily dose of 1 1/2 ounces of superdark chocolate, those who ate chocolate lost more weight steadily over time and stayed happier throughout the process than those who didn’t get the treat. 

Chocolate Br Sends Earth-Friendly Vibes

May 27th

The pick: Alter Eco’s new Dark Salted Burnt Caramel chocolate bar.Why it rates: Here’s a treat that’s a feel-good experience on multiple levels. First, it features dark Ecuadorean chocolate atop a concoction of raw cane sugar, organic cream and heirloom butter simmered to a deep caramel crunch and sprinkled with sea salt. 

The New Food Trend We’re Loving Lately

May 26th

Now that salted caramel has gone from high-end to mainstream, chefs are playing with a new variation on the theme: (barely) burnt caramel. It’s actually much tastier than you might think.

Socially Responsible Chocolate Truffles

May 5th

On a mission to transform the globe “through ethical relationships with small-scale farmers, and an integral sustainability orientation at every point on the supply chain,”Alter Eco Foods has bitten off a big bite to chew on. But it sure looks delicious.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Triathlete Moms

May 3rd

Need gift ideas for a triathlete-mom in your life? Look no further than this gift guide, with women’s specific triathlon essentials.

The Best BCoprs Might Just Be the Best Companies for the World

May 1st

For most of the business world, the bottom line still reigns. But over the past several years, an alternative movement of companies dedicated to improving their social and environmental performance at the same time they focus on profit has emerged.

(VIDEO) Nutritionist approved Plant Food.

April 28th

(VIDEO) From The Earth: Find Plant Foods in Every Group

April 27th

Earth Day 2015: 5 Food Companies That Make It Easy to Go Green

April 22nd

When late Sen. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970, his primary objective was to demonstrate to political leaders the “broad and deep support” people had for the environment. Nelson knew the day would be a success, with peaceful demonstrations catching on from coast-to-coast — but he never could have imagined the actual response.

7 Earth Friendly Companies You Should Know About

April 22nd

We’ve been jerks to the earth and the ecological problems we face can’t be solved by one person or the government or a special interest group. It is up to each and every one of us to make different choices each day to help improve the environment and reverse the damage we’ve caused.

Sweet Treats Review

April 18th

Typically, I am not a huge fan of chocolate but since Adalyn was born, it has become a treat that I love to enjoy. Alter Eco surprised me with a package that included these black truffles and dark salted burnt caramel chocolate. Right when I opened the package that had the dark salted burnt caramel […]

6 food companies that are Best for the World

April 14th

B Lab on April 14 announced its 120 companies to earn 2015 Best for the World accolades. The companies represent the top 10 percent of point earners on the nonprofit’s Certified B Corporation assessment.

Rendevous with Alter Eco Founders

April 13th

Chocolate and quinoa lovers? This article is for you. Discover Alter Eco, a brand of delicious, exotic, high quality and healthy foods from around the world. In today’s world of processed foods and giant food companies, Alter Eco offers high quality products combined with sustainable production and environmentally conscious packaging. 

Shrimp and Rainbow Quinoa En Papillote

April 10th

The following is an excerpt from a post that was originally featured on Jelly Toast and was written by Emily Caruso, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Food.

In the shadow of salted caramel

April 7th

Alter Eco, San Francisco, brings premium confectioner counter quality salted caramel truffles to the packaged retail marketplace. The organic dark chocolate truffles are crafted with Ecuadorian cacao and nutrient-rich organic coconut oil.

Green and Gluten-Free

April 1st

Gluten-free products are great for anyone who is sensitive to wheat and gluten. But “gluten-free” doesn’t always mean “environmentally friendly.” If your sans-gluten fare is heavily packaged and high in unsustainable ingredients, you may be helping your gut but harming the planet.

This could solve one of the Toughest Sustainability Problems Facing our Planet

March 27th

Waylon talks with co-founder of Alter Eco—one of our favorites from the weekend at Natural Products Expo West. Alter Eco is a values-based brand that is doing good for the world, uses compostable wrapping, is part of an eco packaging coalition and makes some of the best chocolate we’ve ever had (seriously, the salted caramel […]

Fair Trade Chocolate

March 17th

We agree with the brands below that chocolate should be oh so much more than candy. It’s a superfood packed with antioxidants and cardiovascular benefits. Studies show chocolate to boost energy, reduce stress, increase concentration and even increase maternal health. This playful, nutrient dense is the perfect pick-me-up and superfood recharge.

Deep Purple Blueberry Smoothie With Black Quinoa

March 16th

My idea for this week’s Recipes for Health was to match grains and fruit by color and make nourishing smoothies. For this one I could have also used any of the black or purple rices on the market, such as Alter Eco’s purple jasmine rice, Lotus Food’s Forbidden Rice or Lundberg Black Japonica. 

Elephant Journal Presents: Best of Natural Products Expo West 2015

March 13th

This past weekend we were dedicated to hand selecting the companies who were doing it right, acting as true stewards of the earth and as members of our global community.

Chocolate Spotlight: Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Organic Chocolate Bar

March 4th

Snap and crackle get a nutritious pop with a hearty sprinkling of our puffed royal pearl quinoa. This ancient Bolivian superfood lends its satisfying crunch, gentle nutty flavor, and all nine amino acids to our deep, malty Ecuadorian dark chocolate. Raw cane sugar and Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean finish a classic recipe with pure flavor.

Off the shelf

March 1st

There’s no need to sacrifice taste if you want to eat healthy food. Try our list of delicious foods below. 

Catherine’s Healthy Pantry Picks

March 1st

Busy actress and mom Catherine Bell, 46, shares the kitchen staples that keep her slim and energized as she go-go-goes

Top 10 Quinoa Products

February 27th

From delicious chocolate bars with puffed quinoa to fantastic vegan energy bars, here are 10 inventive quinoa products.

Alter Eco Launches New Dark Salted Burnt Caramel Organic Chocolate Bar

February 25th

Alter Eco™, pioneer of globally crafted organic foods including delicious Swiss-made chocolate, announced the launch of its Dark Salted Burnt Caramel organic chocolate bar. New to the Salted 70% Cacao line, the Dark Salted Burnt Caramel bar features dark Ecuadorian chocolate atop raw cane sugar, organic cream and heirloom butter that’s expertly simmered in to […]

Alter Eco Organic Royal Quinoa

February 21st

Alter Eco Organic Royal Rainbow Quinoa is cultivated high in the Bolivian salt flats, where Quechua and Aymara farmers grow the USDA organic and Fair for Life multicoloured pearl shaped mother grain. The grains add texture to salads and in less than 30 minutes, CSL testers created a fluffy pilaf style side with kale, sautéed […]

Craving Quinoa? 3 Healthy Ways To Get Your Fix

February 17th

Dark chocolate gets healthier with the addition of puffed quinoa, lending a pleasant crisp to each bite (“like a classy Crunch bar,” said one taste tester). Made with six whole-food ingredients, including Ecuadorian chocolate and Madagascar bourbon vanilla, the bar will also appeal to milk chocolate lovers.

9 new natural products to learn about—in under 30 seconds [Video]

February 13th

Mid-February means chocolate, and these conscious brands impress. Alter Eco’s creamy, velvety truffles are made with coconut oil and are Fair Trade USA certified

Healthy Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (And Any Day!)

February 13th

Chocolate is the quintessential “I love you” gift for Valentine’s Day. But your sweetie may not be feeling the love after indulging in a box of unhealthy treats. This year, show the people you love how much you care by getting smart with the type of chocolates you buy for them.

Alter Eco Organic Truffles Sea Salt

February 13th

Now this is a treat! The dark chocolate that surrounds the smooth & creamy truffle inside is perfection. Just thick enough without its taste overshadowing a scrumptious inside. These are soy and gluten-free.

Rising cocoa prices pushing Valentine’s Day chocolate prices up, New York Times reports

February 12th

Valentine’s Day chocolates could be the priciest they have been in years, thanks in part to a soaring demand for the chocolate in China and other Asian markets, the New York Times reports.

How to Pick Healthy Valentine’s Day Chocolates

February 12th

On February 14, feel free to indulge in that box of chocolates. Chocolate is actually pretty good for you. For one, it’s a good source of magnesium: One ounce of dark chocolate supplies about 20 percent of your daily needs, says Nicole Ferring Holovach, an integrative registered dietitian in Frederick. Chocolate is actually pretty good […]

9 Fair Trade Brands With Great Design

February 12th

We’re all about great design and craftsmanship here at DesignGood. For this week’s Design9, we present nine fair trade brands that not only bring gorgeous products to our shelves, but also make a huge impact in the lives of artisans, craftsmen and makers around the world.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Will Cost More This Year, as Cocoa Prices Rise

February 11th

This year, perhaps more than ever, kisses may not come cheap. At least not those made of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. The price of cocoa, the main ingredient in most chocolate, soared last year, forcing chocolate producers to raise prices and shrink packages.

7 Valentine’s Day chocolates to gift your sweetie

February 10th

Scorched grass-fed butter and fleur de sel make flavors sing in this 70 percent dark chocolate bar, made with fair trade certified cacao beans and raw cane sugar.

Looking for delicious, ethically made chocolate? Meet Alter Eco

February 6th

I’ve eaten a lot of fabulous fair trade chocolate, and this is undoubtedly the yummiest I’ve ever had! Valentine’s Day is approaching, and a lot of chocolate will be bought and consumed over the next couple of weeks. 

The Journey of an Eco-Friendly Company

February 5th

Alter Eco shares with us their vision as stewards of land and sea. As food producers, when they think “sustainable,” they think beyond the food and back into the land. With a holistic approach to food production and recognizing the global impact of packaging methods, Alter Eco is leading by example with the use of […]

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

February 4th

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and this week I’ve been totally on my game – a Valentine’s Smoothie, some Valentine’s Waffles, and today’s little tidbit on my kryptonite…Dark Chocolate.

The 12 Best “Clean” Dark Chocolate Bars

February 4th

Eating small amounts of dark chocolate can be good for your health. Chocolate comes from a plant — the bean of the cacao tree — and, like certain teas, wine and many fruits and vegetables, it boasts a high concentration of antioxidant compounds called “flavonoids,” which can help prevent heart disease and protect against cancer.

Unhealthy Chocolate Brands and Your Valentine’s Day Candy

February 3rd

Valentine’s Day often means a box of candy from your sweetie, but just what are you getting in that candy? That annual indulgence could cost you a lot more than you bargained for. Unhealthy chocolate brands are full of more than just sugar. Following our exposes on toxic ingredients in children’s cereal and what’s in […]

Non-GMO Project: Alter-Eco Chocolates, A Chocoholic’s Best Friend!

February 3rd

If you didn’t already know, I am a CHOCOHOLIC! I usually buy the huge dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, and eat it less than a week! I was so excited to work with Alter Eco foods, and to try some of their yummy chocolate truffles! I was drawn to the brand because they are […]

Valentine’s Day Chocolates That Give Back

February 2nd

Choosing the right chocolate for Valentine’s Day can get complicated. Let’s face it- there are so many options! The following list will help narrow your choices down to chocolates made with the finest organic ingredients and that also support great causes and give back.

Guilty Pleasure: The Best Artisan Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

February 1st

Not only does Alter Eco have USDA organic, non-GMO, and B Corp certifications, but it also wraps its chocolate truffles in compostable wrappers printed with non-toxic ink.

The Keep It Simple Valentine’s Gift Ideas Guide

January 31st

Heart month starts tomorrow. A month to care for your heart, and the love of your heart. I personally love celebrating Valentine’s with everyone I love – husband, sons, sister, mom, friends! It doesn’t have to be overblown, but I like showing a little love all around!


January 31st

We tested hundreds of products to find the best new buys for your grocery list. 

Products I’m Loving

January 31st

Every so often, I am blessed with the opportunity to sample a handful of noteworthy healthy food products on the market! And today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites! 

Valentine’s Day Goodies with Alter Eco

January 31st

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and your loved one to Alter Eco’s delicious chocolates that not only taste good but can be really, really, really, good for you, too!

Quinoa Salad With Asian Dressing

January 29th

Queen Street Warehouse does an apple, avocado and quinoa bowl, which is really delicious. It has lovely Asian flavours – the dressing is made with soy sauce, honey and lime.

Healthy Chocolate Banana Quinoa Muffins (and an Alter Eco GIVEAWAY!)

January 28th

Healthy or not, these are the best muffins I’ve made in a long, long time. They’re moist. They’re packed with flavor. They’re rich. They can be eaten for breakfast, a snack or dessert. They’re absolutely amazing.

Flourless Quinoa Chocolate Cake

January 27th

“Dense and moist, this flourless cake is the luscious chocolate cake you dream about. With each mouthwatering bite, you’re transported to a world of elegance, full of chocolate and…. quinoa!” – Alyssa Rimmer, Queen of Quinoa

Velvet Fudge Brownies

January 27th

Less cakey than traditional brownies, these little chocolate bombs are so dense and rich, you won’t mind cutting them into 2-inch squares. For the true chocolate lover. These quickly become a signature party favorite.

Basil, Pepper and Corn Summer Quinoa Salad

January 27th

Visually and gastronomically pleasing, this salad will surely be the star of any potluck. Packed with fresh basil, onion, peppers and corn, it starts to resemble confetti more and more— let the party begin!

Quinoa and Roasted Beet Salad

January 27th

Slightly adapted from Martha Shulman’s recipe for the New York Times, this lovely combination of roasted beets, fluffy quinoa and tasty goat cheese creates an interesting diversion from the typical cold quinoa salad. Served hot, this quinoa-beet combination is quite the healthy entree.

What is the cost of sugar to the planet?

January 26th

Sugar seems to be popping up everywhere in packaged foods these days, which is a big health concern for those who consume a lot of it, but even aside from the issue of the health effects of sugar on the body, there’s another part of the story, which is the effect that growing sugar has […]

Nutty Quinoa Porridge and an Alter Eco + Nitk Digestion Reset Guide Giveaway!

January 25th

I am doing three things in today’s post! 1. Sharing an über delicious, healthy, get-in-yo-belly recipe. 2. Hosting a giveaway with the fantastic Alter Eco brand 3. Releasing my first guide in the NITK GUIDES SERIES … the D I G E S T I O N R E S E T Guide! (oh, and […]

A Kale, Quinoa, and Blueberry Superfood Salad

January 15th

I’m a sucker for any salad that includes the powerhouse duo kale and quinoa. Both are jam-packed with nutrients like vitamins A, C, and K (kale) and healthy fats, protein, and fiber (quinoa), making the combination a healthy and filling lunch option.

Santa Fe Chicken Quinoa Casserole Recipe

January 9th

Quinoa is an AMAZING food. So versatile, so healthy, and so filling. And I can’t tell you how many times it took me to get it right. The first time I cooked it it was crunchy like caviar, and we all thought it tasted kind of funny.

Valentine’s Day ideas for her: gifts for women under $100

January 9th

You’ve found the perfect romantic restaurant for a candlelit Valentine’s Day dinner. Congrats, but you’re not done yet—you still need to buy a gift. But before you run out to your local candy store (or, god forbid, adult store), check out our selection of 20 affordable gifts for women, all less than $100.

Confessions of a Quirky Princess – Shine for you

January 8th

The third installment of glowing recipes. In the winter, I often try to get immunity boosts from soups and hydrate myself with all things coconut. I need warm and hearty food to make me feel better because it is cold outside!

A CSR Makeover for Chocolate Truffles?

January 5th

On a mission to transform the globe “through ethical relationships with small-scale farmers, and an integral sustainability orientation at every point on the supply chain,” Alter Eco Foods has bitten off a big bite to chew on. But it sure looks delicious.