Reliably Delicious

At the heart of sustainability is a very basic idea: perpetuity. If a food is to be sustainable, then by its very definition it must be:

1) delicious enough that you’ll want to eat it over and over again and 2) nutritious enough to contribute to your continued health and well being.

Through direct relationships with our partner co-ops, careful audits of our entire supply chain and a focus on heirloom varietals, we are able to ensure that Alter Eco foods are always reliably delicious.


Direct Relationships

Each visit to our partner coops allows us to build solid and trusting relationships with the people who grow our food. During these visits, we conduct careful audits of the co-ops’ fields, operations and finances, ensuring that organic and fair trade standards are being upheld. (Organic and fair trade certifiers also audit our cooperatives.) We are also able to identify and respond to the farmers’ needs, implementing programs that ensure the highest standards of quality. Sometimes that means investing in optical readers for quinoa sorting in Bolivia or a new rice mill in the Surin Province. In every instance, we have your taste buds in mind.



To further guarantee the quality of our products, we monitor every detail of our supply chain. B-Corp certification allows us to quantify our impact, policies and practices, and gives you a chance to learn more about how our business works.

Our B-CORP score is 128 =  Area of Excellence



Whole, Healthy and Minimally Processed 

For their health and flavor benefits, we maintain a focus on whole grains and minimal, local processing. (As food bloggers have pointed out, some of our chocolate bars have as few as four ingredients). We’re also committed to saving heirloom varietals, many of which are disappearing in the face of industrial agriculture. Beyond their environmental boon (crop diversification and long term biodiversity), these ancestral foods have unique flavors and rich cultural histories that connect eaters across time and continents. Our Royal Black Quinoa, Mascobado Sugar and Purple Sticky Rice are flavors you won’t find anywhere else.



And like our organic and sustainability-minded colleagues, we have a zero tolerance GMO policy.


 Pearl Quinoa held by Bolivian farmer