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Thanksgiving Challenge

By / November 20th, 2012


 It’s that time of year to take the extra step to give thanks to those we love. This year, we encourage you to take an extra leap to extend that thankfulness and love from your backyard all the way to the fields where your delicious food is grown. Share how you are giving thanks this year with us at Alter Eco and win a prize of up to $150!

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Here’s what we’re asking



-what fair and sustainable practices of companies around you mean

-how your purchase directly effects those who made it

-how a fair wage can change lives



-tell your friends

-tell your neighbors

-tell everyone you know



(here are some ideas) 

-Have a Fair Trade Thanksgiving dinner (and then tell your friends and family about it while they’re eating!)

-Organize a movie night and watch “The Dark Side of Chocolate” to -teach others about the realities of chocolate (make sure to tell them that there is still hope—when they buy fair trade!)

-Make a funny/informative video to tell others about why they should buy fair trade

-Host a small event in your community

-Have a chocolate taste testing or dinner party



Let us all join together as we give thanks to those we love, from the farmers who grow our food to our friends and families! Good luck adventurers! 


 (contest will last 2 weeks, winners will be announced December 3rd)