The Cleanest Greenest Chocolate

Organic chocolate that regenerates ecosystems, empowers farmers, and reverses climate change.

eat chocolate, save the planet

We're helping our farmers transition to dynamic agroforestry (a type of regenerative agriculture) because it helps improve farmer livelihood and mitigate climate change.

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our clean, green commitment


No GMOs, additives, gluten, or soy ingredients

Regenerative Ag

Farming that restores ecosystems

Fairer Trade

Better than fair trade wages for our farmers

Low/No Waste

Compostable, recyclable, post-consumer-recycled packaging

Carbon Neutral

100% of carbon emissions offset by planting and protecting trees

we couldn’t have said it better ourselves

the climatarian journal

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Why Self-Care Is Essential For Us As Climate Activists

Practicing self-care is vital if you care about the planet. In fact, the more engaged you are with climate change, the more you need to take this to heart.

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Regeneration is the name of the game. Clean for you. Green for the planet.