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Cacao Beans

Our cacao beans go through an extraordinary journey towards our chocolate. The cacao is grown on organic and fair trade farms that support agroforestry projects in Peru and Ecuador. These holistic and integrated growing practices allow for a healthier and more natural growing system that produces some of the best cacao in the world. After the cacao beans are harvested from their colorful pods, they are fermented, dried and shipped to Switzerland. There, our expert chocolatiers use unique and bold flavor choices, other quality organic ingredients, and an artisan’s touch to craft our award-winning, habit-forming bars.


Most of our chocolate is rich, dark chocolate which has a higher concentration of cacao. This is key as higher levels of cacao also mean higher levels of the health benefits from cacao.


Five Facts about Cacao Nutrition:

  1. The antioxidant content of raw organic cacao is over forty times higher than in blueberries and helps to control free radicals.


  2. Of plant-based sources of iron, cacao has the highest amount with 7.3 mg per 100g.


  3. Cacao supports a healthy heart and brain with its high levels of magnesium and other essential nutrients.


  4. The calcium content of raw organic cacao is higher than that of milk.


  5. Cacao is a source of serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine, all happiness hormones that can contribute to a better mood and alleviation of depression.


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Cacao Beans

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We believe the old adage is true: we are what we eat. So we choose to be clean, paying close attention to every ingredient, and tracing it directly from the soil to the bar, truffle or cluster.