Fortaleza Cooperative – Alter Eco
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Location Pointer CALCETA, ECUADOR
where our cacao comes from


Founded in 2005 with the aim of improving the living conditions of small-scale cocoa producers, Ecuador’s Fortaleza Cooperative made it their first priority to gain technical training in production and post-harvest management. Now that the farmers have established diversified and productive plantations that include cacao, banana, coconut and timber, they are working to catalyze their business. The co-op fosters international collaboration to consistently improve product quality while increasing yields and attracting new partnerships.

Fortaleza farmer

Mariana del Jesus Mendoza

cacao farmer

Name: Mariana Mendoza

Product: cacao

Member since: 2006


Thanks to Fair Trade we are able to sell our cacao at fair and stable prices. Before we were organized as a coop, many of us didn't know how to take true advantage of our plants' capacities and would ruin them with pesticides and fungicides."