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Our Story

Activism through food

Our mission is to pioneer a full circle approach to eating, farming, and doing business – and to inspire others to do the same.

Alter Eco co-founders Mathieu Senard and Edouard Rollet were trained in business but remain activists at heart. Before starting Alter Eco 15 years ago, they experienced first-hand both profit-driven multinationals and on-the-ground NGOs. Seeing the challenges of existing humanitarian aid efforts, they became pioneers in social entrepreneurialism, wielding the business of food to fight for economic and social justice. That’s why every product we make is sourced from farmer-owned coops practicing sustainable agriculture.

Acopagro Cacao Cooperative

Mat and Ed are food-obsessed citizens of France and based their business in food-obsessed San Francisco. The nurturing of these two cultures is why every product we make is defined by incredible flavor and made from culinary quality ingredients. Put sustainability and deliciousness together, and you get what we like to call Enlightened Indulgence.

Going full circle, one step at a time

Over the years, the Alter Eco team has also worked to make sure every aspect of our business gives more to the world than it takes. That’s why we have become pioneers in compostable packaging, and have worked with our cacao partners to replant the rain forests where our beans are grown.

Co-founder and co-CEOs Edouard Rollet & Mathieu Senard

Our products and packaging have evolved over time, but our values continue to guide every step forward. Together with our farmers, employees, investors and customers, we’re taking an adventure through food, and creating a vision of the future that’s fair, prosperous, healthy and mouth-watering. Though we can’t all break bread at the same table, we like to think that every time we crack open a bag or bar of Alter Eco here in the States, we’re sharing a nourishing moment with Maria in Peru, Gustavo in Bolivia, Grover in Ecuador – and you.