the real quinoa

There’s only one “quinoa real”, or royal quinoa, and it’s grown on Bolivia’s arid, volcanic Salar De Uyuni salt flat. Revered by ancient Incas as “chisaya mama” (chee-sa-waya ma-ma) or “mother grain”, this heirloom nutrition source is fluffier, nuttier and without the bitterness so common to lesser grades. Just one spoonful, and you’ll see why it should be the only quinoa that graces your plate.

  • Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids
  • Cultivated for over 4,000 years
  • Royal quinoa is grown only in the Bolivian Andes
  • Packaged in a compostable pouch* made of non-GMO plant based materials


*Per ASTM D6400. Will compost safely in a municipal or commercial facility. Not suitable for backyard composting.


Pearl Heirloom Quinoa

Closer to couscous, with an ever-so-slight crunch

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Black Heirloom Quinoa

the crunchiest of the quinoas, it pairs well with bright herbs and bold flavors.

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Rainbow Heirloom Quinoa

a nutritious rainbow on your plate, perfect for vibrant quinoa salads

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Red Heirloom Quinoa

A complex, protein-packed substitute for brown rice

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