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Apr 14, 2021

12 Regenerative Brands Rethinking Sustainability this Earth Month

At Alter Eco, we take sustainability seriously 365 days a year. 

Earth Month is our chance to dig in to our mission and share our progress towards building a fully regenerative business model. This year, we’re going one step further: challenging YOU to join us in taking steps to lower our carbon footprints.

Plus, we’re making it easy & rewarding with the #CheckYourEco Challenge! 

To help us make the greatest impact, we’re teaming up with our favorite regenerative brands. Check out our round up of brands redefining sustainably in every facet of your lifestyle. 


Our 12 Favorite Regenerative Brands

Moonshot Snacks


Moonshot is the first explicitly climate-friendly snack brand in the U.S. They use the magic of food to help undo climate change by making delicious crackers sourced from regenerative ingredients.


Moonshot calculates their carbon footprint and works to reduce emissions where they can while matching the rest with offsets. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and the interior bag can be recycled in plastic bag recyclables. Their farmers use both organic and regenerative farming practices to keep the soil healthy and help tackle climate change head on.

Carbon Neutral ✅
Recyclable / Compostable Packaging ✅
Sustainable Ingredients ✅


12 Tides


12 Tides is turning the tides on climate change, one kelp chip at a time. 12 Tides believes snacks should be delicious, good for you and good for the planet.


12 Tides supports ocean restoration projects around the world, including SeaTrees’ initiative to restore kelp forests along the California coast through 1% for the Planet. Their snacks disappear pretty fast, and so does their packaging, which is 100% compostable. 

Also, kelp is a zero-input crop–regeneratively farmed kelp removes carbon from our oceans, improves water quality and provides a habitat for biodiverse marine life, all while producing nutrient rich food that’s also tasty! 

1% for the Planet ✅
Compostable Packaging ✅
Sustainable Ingredients ✅


Avocado Green Mattress


Avocado Green Mattresses are handmade in sunny California with only the finest naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials from their own farms. Their mission is to be the most respected source for organic mattresses and pillows—while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices—to help safeguard your health and our planet.


They recently won the Pinnacle Award from 1% for the Planet®, which recognizes organizations that go above and beyond their 1% commitment to make a difference.

B Corporation ✅
Climate Neutral ✅
Fair Trade ✅
1% for the Planet ✅

Hive Brands


Hive Brands is the sustainable grocery marketplace where every purchase makes a positive impact.


Their Hive Five touches on how Hive Brands strives to make a social impact, this includes: Ingredient Integrity, Recyclable Packaging, Low Carbon Footprint. They also offer Fully Recyclable, Carbon Neutral Shipments in just-the-right-size boxes printed with non-toxic ink and filled with 100% recyclable packing materials.

Recyclable Packaging ✅
Carbon Neutral Shipping ✅

Pulp Pantry


Pulp Pantry crafts wholesome snacks made from upcycled and fresh pressed vegetable fiber.

Their chips are made with upcycled vegetable pulp from pressed juices. Holy Food Waste Reduction, Bat Man!


Since November 2019, Pulp Pantry has saved over 13,000 kg of nutritious veggies from waste. This has saved over 932,181 Liters of water* and 29,833㎡ of cropland* calculated by the yield of kale and celery.

Food Waste Reduction ✅
Land Use Reduction ✅
Water Use Reduction ✅

Badger Balm


Badger is a family-owned company nestled in the woods of Gilsum, New Hampshire. They strive to create a healthier world by creating powerfully pure skincare products, advocating for climate policies, and pioneering family-friendly work practices—and have fun doing it!


Badger joined over 500 fellow B Corps at the UN Climate Change Conference 2019 in committing to Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030. As of July 2020, Badger has transitioned to 100% onsite renewable energy with 1,384 solar panels powering their HQ. They’ve achieved a 97% landfill diversion rate in their manufacturing facility with some pretty inventive reuse: organic olive oil for cleaning machinery → Citronella Candle, cleaning waste from sunscreen equipment + scraps from their organic employee lunch program → compost.

B Corp ✅
Waste Reduction ✅
Renewable Energy ✅

Plant People


Plant People makes advanced wellness accessible through practitioner-grade supplements and skincare derived from USDA-Organic, functional mushrooms, hemp, adaptogens and vitamins. Their products are doctor-formulated, non-GMO, cGMP, vegan and junk-free (parabens, sulfates, fragrances, etc.). 


Plant People plants a tree for every product sold (150,000 to date, offsetting 31.2K metric tons of carbon). They prioritize regenerative farming practices for their products, which are made with best-in-class ingredients that are sun grown and free from herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals. 

B Corp ✅
Climate Neutral ✅
Responsible Supply Chain ✅

Khala & Co.


From the kitchen to the campsite, Khala is your partner in eliminating plastic & food waste.


Khala’s zero waste provisions are regenerative from start to finish. They source climate-friendly materials, buying ethically, consciously, and locally whenever possible. Their production process has been fine-tuned to reduce waste, turning the majority of their production by-product into additional zero waste provisions or compost. Their packaging is 100% recycled packaging and ships without plastic.

1% for the Planet ✅
Plastic Pollution Coalition ✅

Numi Organic Tea


Numi was founded by a sister and brother who believe in taking care of our global family and this planet we live on. Through plant-based packaging and regenerative organic agriculture, Numi strives to create lasting positive impact. 


Numi’s packaging conserves 3,800,000 gallons of water annually and their compostable tea wrappers displace 14.3 metric tonnes of virgin plastic a year.

Climate Neutral ✅
Fair Trade ✅
Sustainable Ingredients ✅
Recyclable / Compostable Packaging ✅




Sunscoop is powered by the sun to make the most delicious plant-based ice cream from organic coconut cream, superfoods, and no refined sugar.


They are and always will be completely plant-based and maintain best in class production standards to reduce ingredient waste while manufacturing. 

Plant-Based Ingredients ✅
Waste Reduction ✅



Quinn is on a mission to revolutionize classic snacks into delicious, real food goodness made with regenerative ingredients. They’re driven by the belief that they can always Be Better and Do Better. 


Quinn is investing in regenerative agriculture by partnering with farmers to generate a supply of simply sustainable ingredients to use in their snacks. They’re hoping to use only regenerative sorghum and sunflower oil in their snacks by 2024.  In June 2020, they planted 85 acres of regenerative sorghum. Plus, their Pure Pop Bag® is the first chemical free + compostable microwave popcorn bag! It’s step 1 on their plan to remove plastic from all aspects of their packaging. 

Sustainable Ingredients ✅ 
Recyclable / Compostable Packaging ✅


Thrive Market


Thrive Market is on a mission to make the world’s highest quality natural and organic products available for every American family. They ask the hard questions, verify the claims, and do the research on the brands they carry, so all of us can support brands that are building a better future. 

Carbon Neutral ✅
Zero Waste Certified ✅
Recyclable Packaging ✅
Responsible Sourcing ✅


Support our #CheckYourEco partners this Earth Month! Follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop with their sustainability commitments and better-for-you products.

Don’t forget to join the conversation–Add your entry to the Check Your Eco Challenge and commit to making a change for a more sustainable planet.
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