About Alter Eco

We're all about creating the cleanest and greenest craveable food.

food for mind, body, & soil

We make food that restores rather than depletes. From soil to shelf, our snacks are the cleanest and greenest on Earth.

good growing practices

good growing practices

Our products are grown in thriving ecosystems by small-scale, fair trade farmers.

ingredients you love

ingredients you'll love

Incredible taste requires high-quality clean ingredients. Always organic, no weird stuff ever.


lose the landfill

Our products use recyclable or compostable packaging that eliminates or reduces waste.

alter eco about collage

good things take time



Alter Eco was founded by friends and activists, Mathieu Senard and Edouard Rollet. Their goal was to bring delicious foods to conscious consumers, addressing issues of fair trade and environmental impact.

alter eco about timeline 2009-b-corp


Alter Eco becomes a Certified B Corporation, solidifying our mission to balance purpose with profit and ensuring the use of business as a force for good.


Alter Eco offsets 100% of its emissions as a carbon neutral company, in partnership with Pur Projet, planting and protecting trees in Central and South America.

alter-eco-about- COMPOSTABLE wrapper


Alter Eco launches the first commercially compostable candy wrapper in their chocolate truffle product line - a first of its kind!



Alter Eco launches the first commercially compostable pouch for their quinoa line, winning an award for most innovative packaging.

alter-eco foundation


Alter Eco launches the Alter Eco Foundation to further their commitment to combat climate change and inequality through regenerative agriculture.

Fixing food to fix our future

We believe that climate change and inequality are the two greatest challenges of our lifetime, and they are inextricably linked. That's why we've established the Alter Eco Foundation. Through agroforestry, we're combating climate change one ecosystem at a time.

the proof you didn't even need

certifications INGREDIENTS

Cacao beans are full of nutrients, and who are we to take away from that? We protect the integrity of our ingredients and never add anything that you wouldn’t add yourself.

Fair for Life FairTrade

We believe in fair working standards and are helping to solve inequality in the cocoa supply chain.


Certified B Corporations balance people, planet, and profit in all decisions, leading the way to a better future for all.


Landfills are filling up fast enough. Our compostable, recyclable and post-consumer recyclable packaging doesn’t add to the problem.


We offset all our emissions by protecting, planting, and restoring forests. Next stop: Climate Positive!