Step Up for the #CheckYourEco Challenge

Earth Day is always an important reminder to keep the planet in mind. At Alter Eco, we celebrate Earth Month–30 days to more deeply consider our business decisions, lifestyle choices and the impact they have on the environment and climate change. This year, we wanted to do something a little different: challenge our community to commit to making change.

That’s why we’re launching the

#CheckYourEco Challenge.

We’re inviting you to Check Your Eco (see what we mean below). And in return, Alter Eco is giving away 5 Grand Prizes to members of our community who commit to making an impact on reducing their carbon emissions this year. Win-win!


What you’ll win: 

What you win?

How to enter… 
Hint, it’s good for you + good for the planet!
1. Head to the Ecological Footprint Calculator and take the quiz. Truly consider your lifestyle as you answer. 


2. Review your results and commit to 1 change to lower your carbon footprint. Even just thinking about a change can help you make it a habit.

Examples: Ride a bike to work, eat less meat, join a CSA, Hang dry your clothes, switch your lightbulbs to LEDs. For more inspo here’s 101 ideas!


3. Share your commitment with your community, and with Alter Eco on social media. Screenshot your results and post on anywhere you like, but don’t forget to tag us @altereco_foods & #CheckYourEco.
  • Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter


4. Get the word out! Challenge your friends to join in by tagging them, too. The more people we reach, the greater impact we’ll have on reducing our carbon footprints this year.


The #CheckYourEco Challenge runs from April 5 - April 30. On May 1 we will pick the 5 Grand Prize Winners and notify them by direct message. Do not respond to messages that come from accounts other than @altereco_foods.

One last thing

Keep it up! 

Continue working towards your sustainability goals and #CheckYourEco commitment. We’ll check in periodically with our community on Instagram to catch up on both of our progress toward lowering our carbon footprints. 


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