Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are almost here. No need to stress out, we've got all of your gift-giving covered! Because we all know the best gifts are edible, amirite?


For your low-sugar or keto friend..

Super Dark Chocolate

Our Blackout and Super Blackout bars are a dark chocolate lover's dream. Low in sugar and oh-so-smooth, they're great options for a friend who sticks to strict keto or low-sugar diet, but still needs something sweet at the end of the night.  




For the perfect stocking stuffer..

Dark Chocolate Mint Créme Truffles

Is there any flavor that screams holiday nostalgia more than mint? Stuff your stuffings with our decadent truffles for a Christmas morning delight.




For the eco-conscious activist..

Holiday Gift Boxes

Our holiday gift boxes come with an added bonus this year. For each box sold, we're planting a tree in the Peruvian Amazon with our partner farmers of the Acopagro Cooperative. They're perfect for anyone who loves a gift that gives back.




For the chocolate enthusiast..

Our Alter Eco Lover Bundle

Perfect for tor the chocolate lover who loves a little bit of everything. This bundle features one each of all ten of our melty chocolate bars, decadent truffles, and blissfully delicious Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters.


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