Pecan Date Turtles

pecan dates turtles
Recipe and Photography by @leelaeats


Prepare to be amazed! We've got an easy 5-ingredient, Gluten Free, Plant Based, no-bake Pecan snack that'll keep you snacking all this season long!


  1. 12 medjool dates
  2. 1 tbs almond flour
  3. 32 pecan halves
  4. ½ a bar of Alter Eco Brown Butter Chocolate
In a food processor, blend the almond flour and dates. Shape into 8 balls and flatten on a parchment paper. Lightly toast pecan halves in the oven and press to the top of the date patties. Melt chocolate and drizzle on pecan halves. Place in the freezer to set. Let thaw for about 10 min before eating.

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