5 Ways to Make Sustainability Actually Sustainable

Sustainability starts with you! The world can often feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to the planet and sustainability. We’re here to remind you that the daily, small actions you take to build a more sustainable world matter, a whole lot. Showing up for yourself and showing up for the planet will make your sustainability efforts more sustainable in the long term.

To get you started, here are a few ideas for daily, sustainable actions that are good for you and the planet:


1- Make a Climatarian Snack or Meal

We have tons of recipes for you to choose from! If you’re planning your meal from scratch, remember the basic tenants for your ingredients:

- plant based 

- local 

- seasonal

Even if you pledge to make just one climatarian meal a week, it’s a great step towards living sustainably.  


2- Walk or bike to your next local destination

Next time you reach for those car keys, ask yourself “Is it feasible to walk or bike instead?”  If you’re headed down to the local coffee shop, invite a neighbor. Use the time to connect with the nature around you, catch up with a friend, or enjoy a good audiobook. Don't forget to bring your yummy Alter Eco Granolapackaged in bags made of post-consumer recycled material.


3- Put the phone down and go outside

We’re all familiar with the death scroll. Seconds turn to minutes and minutes turn to hours as you endlessly scroll through posts, filling time. Too much technology can make you feel lonely and disconnected from the physical realm. As part of your sustainability commitment, schedule a time each week to put the phone down and take a hike outside with friends. Discover our amazing natural world, and connect with people in real-time.     

4- Try regenerative-inspired gardening in your backyard or patio

When it comes to locking carbon into the soil, every square inch matters. Even if they’re small, your backyard or apartment patio are great places to build a regenerative garden.  Plant as many perennials as you can to avoid disturbing the soil each year and don’t forget to add compost! Did you know our chocolate truffles are wrapped in plant-based, non GMO, compostable wrappers?


5- Rest (with or without a bar of chocolate) 

Take a deep breath in.  

Now let it out.  

How did that feel?

Contrary to the “hustle” culture, life does not need to be go, go, go, all the time. It’s just not sustainable. Take a few minutes to sit down, rest, and really be present with yourself. Chocolate isn’t required during this moment, but it may be a good idea. We always think chocolate is a good idea.  

We believe that sustainability must actually be sustainable. The daily, consistent steps you take towards a sustainable lifestyle will make a big difference. Good for you and good for the planet, those are the keys to building sustainability in the long term.  

So head outside, bring a friend, cook a meal with local, seasonal ingredients, celebrate this beautiful planet we’re on, and be your #sustainableself!

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