The Price of Ethical Chocolate

From day one, Alter Eco’s mission has been to create high quality chocolate that is good for the planet and good for the farmers and other suppliers that help produce it.  This ethos is the driving force behind every decision we make, from the packaging our products are sold in to the regenerative growing practices our farmers use. 

Good for people and good for the planet. It’s a mission we aren’t willing to compromise on, and it’s the same mission that drove us toward the decision to update our pricing.  

COVID-19 and various other global circumstances have caused severe supply chain disruption, and our supply chain was no exception. These disruptions drove price increases across the board from basic ingredients like milk, sugar, and cacao to packaging and shipping costs.  

Part of our “good for people” ethos includes paying a fair, living wage to all of our farmers and suppliers. The price we pay for these ingredients must support the producers and their families, or it does not fit within our mission. In order to do this, we must increase the price of our end product.  

We know there is difficulty in so many areas of the world right now, and everything looks a little uncertain. The decision to increase our prices was not made lightly, but in the end, we think it’s a small price to pay in order to continue to produce the cleanest, greenest snacks on Earth. We hope you do too.  

Thank you for your continued support.

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