4 Fair Trade Chocolate Brands to Celebrate Easter Sustainably

Alter Eco is a France-based company that employs small, Fair Trade cooperatives to ensure that workers get the treatment and pay they deserve. This is just one of the reasons Alter Eco is one of the top-rated chocolate brands in HowGood‘s rankings; the company rigorously researches food products and ranks them based on multiple metrics.

Aside from looking out for its producers, Alter Eco also looks out for the land.

“With the environmental goal of being carbon negative, they have planted more than two million trees through this project,” explains HowGood. “This allows farmers to protect their cacao crops, regenerate their ecosystem and diversify their sources of income.”

With flavors like Dark Twist with candied orange peel or Dark Salted Brown Butter, Alter Eco’s chocolate bars are perfect for the true connoisseur. But if smaller chocolates fit into your Easter basket a bit better, Alter Eco has you covered: the company produces a variety of creamy truffles in flavors like sea salt, mint, and salted caramel, featuring unctuous coconut oil-enhanced centers.

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