Alter Eco Assembles Eco-Friendly Brand Coalition to Protect the Amazon Rainforest

As devastating fires continue to ravage the Amazon Rainforest, Alter Eco®, a sustainability-directed chocolate company with an annual, 10-year old agroforestry program in the Amazon, is taking immediate action. As the Amazon plays a vital role in regulating the global climate through absorbing carbon dioxide, the recent surge in wildfires further amplifies the importance for change and preservation.

Alter Eco has gathered a coalition of eco-conscious brands to help protect the Amazon and drive awareness about how to counter the effects of deforestation. As part of the newly formed Amazon Alliance, Alter Eco is protecting one tree in the Amazon for every product purchased during the month of September for a total of one million trees. The Amazon Alliance partners are making additional commitments to collectively protect three million Amazonian trees (approx. 2,463 acres) before the end of the month.

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