Is Your Cocoa Ethically Sourced? Here Are 5 Ethical Chocolate Brands To Know

By: Ximena Araya-Fischel, M.A I February 12, 2021

If chocolate is synonymous with joy, then ethically conscious chocolate is the epitome of pure bliss. As quoted by 20th-century Portuguese poet and literary luminary Fernando Pessoa, "there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolate," and we couldn't agree more! However, besides knowing about chocolate's multiple health-nourishing benefits and nutritional powers, are you aware of how it's grown? 

Alter Eco

At Alter Eco, they're about activism through food. The idea of pioneering "a full-circle approach to eating, farming, and doing business" is at the heart of their mission statement. Their various certifications include Non-GMO, organic, Fair Trade, and B-Corp—plus, they fill their decadent chocolate with better-for-you ingredients.

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