Dark delicacies from Peru and Ecuador

Plucked from organic trees in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian Coast, our cacao beans journey to the base of the Andes Mountains, where they are transformed into some of the world’s finest cocoa products. The final destination is Switzerland, where expert chocolatiers craft our unique and habit-forming bars and truffles.

  • Single origin cacao beans from Ecuador and Peru
  • Always fair trade, organic and non-GMO
  • Never made with soy lecithin
  • Made by Swiss chocolatier

Large Bars

Dark Salt & Malt

the flavor of fun with the kid-like crunch of a malt ball and coveted fleur de sel de Guerande

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Dark Salted Almonds

Roast toasty crunchy, a classic transformed into a bold and sophisticated indulgence

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Dark Brown Butter

deep, dark 70% cacao with sweet pastured butter and celtic sea salt

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Dark Super Blackout

Step into the heart of dark with 90% cocoa, packing all the intensity of the darkest dark bar with the smooth, creamy bite every chocolate lover craves.

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Deep Dark Sea Salt

the finest balance of 70% cacao and fleur de sel de Guérande

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Dark Quinoa

light crispy crunch, an artisan update on a nostalgic childhood treat

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Dark Cacao

bittersweet bite, with fruity, flowery nibs for an intense cacao explosion

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Dark Almond

toasty nut complements deep, dark chocolate for a dry and delicious treat

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Dark Mint

bold and brisk, punctuated by the crunch of organic peppermint crystals

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Dark Coconut Toffee

organic toasted coconut and buttery toffee with sea salt in dark chocolate

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Dark Velvet

melty smooth, with a subtle flowery bouquet and honey finish

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Dark Blackout

deep fruity intensity, not recommended for those afraid of the dark


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Dark Burnt Caramel

raw cane sugar, lush organic cream, and pastured heirloom butter simmered to the brink of burnt for a masterful caramel crunch

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