Match Made In Truffle Thin Heaven - Gift Guide

Thin truffle collection


Need a scrumptious gift idea for the loved ones in your life? We have two words for you. Truffle. Thins.

We’ve paired our classic dark chocolate bars with our creamy chocolate truffles to create a chocolate lover’s dream—Truffle Thins Dark Chocolate Bars.  

With four delicious flavors, it’s easy to shower the people you love with chocolate!

Not sure which to choose for each person? Try our match-made-in-truffle-heaven guide to find the right selection for your favorite people.

1. Classic Dark - For the one that's always there for you

Bold and steady, these folks know where they’re going in life. They don’t give in to drama. They love their to-do lists, their planners, and they get the job done! These are the people you lean on in tough times.

Need advice or a sounding board for your career/love-life/adulting woes? They always answer your text. Heck, they’ll even pick up the phone and talk it out with you. They pop by with a homemade pot of soup just when you need it.

Surprise these constant compadres with the always dependable, always delicious Classic Dark Truffle Thin.

2. Salted Caramel - For the one that’s always up for anything and everything 

Know someone who’s a little salty but sweet all the way through? You’ll find these folks out all night or hosting good friends for a soiree. The next day, they’re pitching in with a neighborhood clean-up, helping out at a food drive, or checking in on their neighbor.

When you make a suggestion, they always answer yes. A walk in the rain? Sure thing. Learn to forage for mushrooms? How’s tomorrow? They’ll check out the newest art show with you. Or play tennis. Or go to an action movie. And they’ll gather more friends to join. These pals are the glue that holds people together.

Give them a sweet—and salty—treat to show how much you treasure them.

3. Mint Crème - For the one that’s always cool, calm, and collected

We envy these folks who are cool and smooth under pressure. They take challenges in stride. Their computer crashes? No problem. They find a way to work around it. Pipes burst? Oh, well—they’re happy to clear out the basement anyway.

They’re ready for intelligent debate without shouting to be heard. When feathers get ruffled, they calm things down.

We could say they’re peace-makers, but they don’t have to even work that hard. They know how to lower the temperature in a room just by being their own serene selves.

Help keep their Zen vibe going with Mint Crème Truffle Thins. Just like them—cool and smooth.

4. Silk Velvet - For the one that enjoys life to the fullest

You value these friends because they enjoy life. They experience the world with all of their senses and they revel in experiences. When you’re with them, you dine on sumptuous foods and savor tantalizing spirits. Life is never boring with this bunch in your life. They’re not afraid of a little indulgence. With them, you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Silk Velvet Truffle Thins are the perfect gift for people who are not afraid of a little guilty pleasure. Indulging in this treat is a sensuous, satisfying experience. One that matches their personality perfectly.

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