Stand with Small-Scale Farmers this World Fair Trade Day (and Every Day)

This May 12th, join us in celebrating World Fair Trade Day. The purpose: to showcase the small-scale farmers and artisans at the heart of the fair trade movement and the contributions they make to healthy and sustainable communities around the world. Alter Eco wouldn't be who we are without the work of our farmers. 



This year we’re highlighting the ways that these small-scale farmers tend the land. By bringing together traditional farming methods with innovative organic practices, they are creating truly regenerative agriculture. In addition to the work we do, other great brands like Alaffia, Dr. Bronner’s, Equal Exchange, Guayaki Yerba Mate, and Maggie’s Organics are building these supply chains that make a difference—and bringing you products that you can feel good about putting in your shopping cart.


Each brand’s products and its producers tell a different story: Alter Eco’s chocolate partners are reintroducing heirloom cacao varietals as part of an agroforestry project in Ecuador. Alaffia’s deodorant helps support reforestation projects in rural Togo, increasing food security and helping to slow erosion.  In India, Dr. Bronner’s is partnering with a project that is revitalizing land into a rich, regenerative ecosystem to grow mint oil that puts the tingle in your soap—and a wealth of food and cash crops. Equal Exchange’s coffee helps power deep organic practices, and farmer-led workshops that pass the wisdom on to the next generation of Honduran farmers. And in Paraguay, Guayaki works with the indigenous Aché Guayaki who cultivate your yerba mate boost in the understory, earning a living in harmony with the rainforest instead of depleting it.


Small-scale producers are growing food and farming systems that give back to their communities and regenerate our planet. When you support the fair trade brands that support them, you’re helping grow that future too. One of the easiest ways that we can make a difference as consumers is with our dollars. We encourage you to think about the impact of each purchase you make and to support brands that are giving back to global communities. Each purchase you make can be a vote for the world you want to live in - one that is fair and sustainable for all. 


Look for special in-store deals throughout May, and let your purchases be Fair for Farmers every day!
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