The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This Giving Tuesday, Alter Eco will be matching your donations (up to $1,000) when you donate to an organization supporting regenerative agriculture. This is a way of farming that respects the soil and the people who grow our food. We've listed a few organizations that we fully support and believe to have the power to change the world. All you have to do is email us ( your donation confirmation and we'll send you the confirmation of our match. 

For more information on our goals, visit our 2021 Regeneration Report.  


Alter Eco Foundation

Support Alter Eco Foundation’s ongoing agroforestry transition projects across South America, as well as its first year of field research. With a team at Harvard University, Alter Eco Foundation will measure qualitative and quantitative metrics on cocoa regenerative agroforestry to convince the cocoa industry at large to change its practices. In addition, Alter Eco Foundation will use funds to renew their support to grantees such as Jungle Projects, Kiskeya International and Kiss The Ground working in regenerative agroforestry.


Jungle Project

Support Jungle Project, one of Alter Eco Foundation’s grantees, growing breadfruit in agroforestry next to cocoa trees in Costa Rica. Jungle Project’s mission is to preserve the quality of our soils and water through regenerative farming and agroforestry integration in order to maintain the health of our rural communities. Jungle Projects has already worked with 11 family farms, planting more than 800 breadfruit trees and 5,000 pigeon peas, and plans to triple its impact next year.


Kiskeya International 

Support Kiskeya International, one of Alter Eco Foundation’s grantees, on a mission to bring an end to deforestation, hunger, and poverty in the world's most at-risk communities by combining regenerative agricultural practices and innovative solutions. Kiskeya’s work currently focuses on Haiti and the Dominican Republic, including the creation of a cocoa regenerative agroforestry blueprint, for every cocoa farmer in the world to have free access to information on how to get started in their transition.


Kiss The Ground

Support Kiss The Ground’s Farmland Fund to provide educational and practical, on-the-ground resources to farmers globally, including scholarships for soil health training, and access to grants to support community-building projects. Through these farmer-led projects, Kiss The Ground seek to empower farmers as leaders in their communities, building upon the work they have already begun to build healthy soils, reduce the impacts of climate change, and strengthen their local food systems. Investing in farmers ais the most direct way to have a positive impact on the world around us. They are the last remaining stewards of the land, and through their everyday work, they have the potential to build healthy soils, restore the water cycle, reduce the impacts of climate change, provide food security, protect biodiversity, and achieve the many other cascading benefits that come with regenerating agricultural landscapes.

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