After Testing a Mountain of Vegan Chocolates, Our Editors Can Definitively Say That These Are the 10 Best-Tasting Brands

Vegan chocolate, like other vegan products, is completely free from animal products. While cocoa is naturally plant-based (it's derived from cocoa beans from the cacao tree), its vegan roots are not often maintained throughout the bean-to-bar process; many chocolatiers incorporate animal products, particularly milk and/or milk powder, for both flavor and mouthfeel.

But dairy is by no means necessary for creating a truly delicious chocolate bar. In fact, you may be surprised to find that some of your favorite brands of chocolate are already vegan. Seriously: Many dark chocolates that have a cacao content of 70 percent or greater are, by default, vegan-friendly. So before you even ask, know that vegan chocolate is one hundred percent worthy of keeping in your cabinet, on your nightstand, and just about everywhere else in your house at all times. When you get your hands on the good stuff, we guarantee you won't miss (or for that matter, notice) the lack of dairy in your bar, truffle, or peanut butter cup.

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