Alter Eco Reinvents Clean Indulgence with a New Line of Dark Chocolate Bars: Truffle Thins

The Cleanest, Greenest Take on a Decadent Truffle in an Everyday Bar Format 


Alter Eco Foods, a chocolate-centric food company, has always made it their mission to create the most sustainable indulgences on the market. Today, they launch a brand new collection that combines their high-quality dark chocolate bars with their fan-favorite, decadent truffles: Truffle Thins Dark Chocolate Bars. Made with a 60% cacao shell and clean, organic ingredients, these bars completely reinvent chocolate truffles as an everyday indulgence for mindful eaters and sweet tooth's alike. 


Alter Eco’s Truffle Thins come in four classic truffle flavors: Classic Dark, Salted Caramel, Mint Crème, and Silk Velvet. Each melt-in-your-mouth truffle filling is made with pure organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic raw cane sugar, organic whole milk and all natural flavors. Truffle Thin Bars are free of palm oil, gluten, fake sugars, soy ingredients, emulsifiers and preservatives. These bars are everything you love about a classic chocolate truffle and a rich dark chocolate bar in one — made only with the cleanest, simplest ingredients. 


“Love for our dark chocolate bars and truffles grows by the day, so we thought: why not put the two together?” said Alter Eco CEO Mike Forbes. “Our team got creative and found a way to create a product expressly for our consumer. And not only is this product delicious, but it also stays true to Alter Eco’s mission of going beyond organic to support restoration of forest ecosystems where cacao grows.” 


True to Alter Eco’s roots, Truffle Thins are clean for people and the planet. For consumers, Truffle Thins are USDA Certified Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, and free from additives. For farming partners and the planet, Truffle Thins are Fair for Life certified and support Alter Eco’s mission to help farmer partners transition to regenerative farming techniques, which support the health of both ecosystems and farmer livelihood. Their small-scale farming partners plant diverse crops like timber, banana, and legumes amongst cacao to mimic natural cacao habitat and improve soil health. Truffle Thins are also Certified Climate Neutral and packaged in FSC Certified paper that is responsibly sourced to protect forests. 

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