One Step Closer™ Prepares for Launch of the One Step Closer to Zero Waste Packaging Campaign Aimed to Mobilize Industry & Consumers Around Circular Packaging Solutions

One Step Closer™ (OSC), a mission-driven, natural products industry nonprofit, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its newest impact campaign focused on advancing zero waste packaging solutions. The One Step Closer to Zero Waste Campaign aims to create a platform for action and generate inspiration for the reduction and/or elimination of single use plastics in our products, packaging, and personal lives. The campaign will run through January and February of 2022, leading into an in-person activation at Expo West in March.  


The idea for the campaign originated from The Redefining Flexible Films (RFF) Workshop that OSC co-hosted with Rainchild Design in 2020. It was an unprecedented effort to bring an industry together to address packaging as a system-level issue. Over the course of 9 months, participants worked through a unique design-thinking process and collaborated remotely, focusing efforts around the unique technical challenge of flexible film packaging. Ultimately, eight incubation projects were selected, including a consumer awareness campaign and targeted policy engagement on the topics of extended producer responsibility, infrastructure expansion, and material labeling. Learn more about the Workshop and read the white paper here


The first part of the campaign, taking place in January, will center zero waste solutions for consumers, with the hopes of mobilizing global citizens to play a role in the packaging movement. The campaign will kick-off with a cross-collaborative giveaway featuring some of the OSC Packaging Collaborative’s very own who have generously donated various low/zero-waste products to be given away to a lucky winner. The consumer-facing portion of the campaign will highlight resources and ideas to reduce single-use plastic waste, share calls to action and policy platforms that are driving forward infrastructure development, and tell stories of brands who are actively working towards reducing their plastic footprint. Conscious and curious consumers will be able to engage with the campaign through the sharing of social and blog posts, webinars, volunteer events, calls to action, policy engagements, and more.

The second half of the campaign, taking place in February, will focus on creating a narrative that supports companies who are on a Zero Waste Journey, and to celebrate those who have made successful transitions away from conventional plastics, with the goal of inspiring brands across the globe with these stories of progress. The purpose of the industry-facing portion of the campaign is to celebrate industry progress, mobilize policy momentum and facilitate community impact. Brands can participate by re-sharing OSC posts and campaign assets, creating their own tailored assets (using the Campaign Guidelines/Partner Toolkit), engaging with legislators via ASBC or joining circular economy dialogues on key topics monthly. Brands who want to take their engagement a step further are called to make a commitment to transition at least one packaging material to a more sustainable option by the end of 2022. 

The campaign has already garnered support and engagement from over 50 brands who will all proliferate campaign messaging and materials throughout the duration of January and February. Additionally, 12 brands have pledged their support through sponsorship to help bring the campaign to life. The sponsorship roster features prominent industry players including: Elk, Numi Tea, REBBL, Kuli Kuli, Alter Eco, Sambazon, Perfect Supplements, Clover Sonoma Dairy, Organic India, PSI, Harmless Harvest, and Pathwater.

"In order to meaningfully address the plastics crisis, consumers need zero-waste packaging options. Likewise, businesses need consumers to demand more sustainable packaging. Numi is proud to join forces with OSC, industry partners, and consumers alike to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and drive the transition to a plastic-free future," said Reem Hassani, Numi's co-founder and Chief Brand Officer. 

OSC’s Packaging Collaborative embraces the spirit of collaboration to advance circular packaging solutions, with a shared sentiment that no one brand can tackle the issue alone. Partnership and collective action is key for creating impact, as seen by the collaboration behind the campaign.

“This campaign illustrates that a future without single-use plastics is good for both the economy and the environment. It’s a false choice that it’s one or the other,” said Thomas Oppel, executive vice president, American Sustainable Business Network. “As a proud partner in this campaign with One Step Closer, we and our members are deeply committed to harnessing the power of businesses to address this pervasive problem and reduce or eliminate unnecessary packaging.”

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