The Cleanest Greenest Chocolate

Organic chocolate that regenerates ecosystems, empowers farmers, and reverses climate change.

our clean, green commitment


No GMOs, additives, gluten, or soy ingredients

Regenerative Ag

Farming that restores ecosystems

Fairer Trade

Better than fair trade wages for our farmers

Low/No Waste

Compostable, recyclable, post-consumer-recycled packaging

Carbon Neutral

100% of carbon emissions offset by planting and protecting trees

we couldn’t have said it better ourselves

the climatarian journal

3 keys to creating a regenerative agriculture oasis in your own backyard

When you hear the term “regenerative agriculture”, it’s usually in the context of a farm with plenty of acreage. But can you still participate in the regenerative agriculture movement if all you’re working with is a few square feet of earth?

vegan chocolate covered bananas

Is it possible to eat a banana without "this s*** is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S" running through your head? Our idea of an awesome night is dipping some bananas in chocolate and rocking out to Gwen Stefani! This delicious, vegan, chocolate-y creation makes such a great healthy snack!

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About Us

Regeneration is the name of the game. Clean for you. Green for the planet.