How to Have the Most Eco-Friendly Galentine's Day Ever

We don’t really need an excuse to hang out and celebrate our favorite gal pals, but if we did…..Galantine's day would be it! 

Although love-filled holidays are typically filled with bright colored single-use plastic, highly specific gifts, and less-than sustainable foods, we have plenty of suggestions to make this Galantines your most fun and eco-friendly ever.  


At the end of the day, Galantines is really about celebrating the ladies in your life by spending quality time with them. There are so many ways to do that, but why not put the earth at the center? Try gathering up your girls and volunteering for an afternoon. Perhaps there’s a native plant society that could use an extra hand, or even a neighborhood community garden that is short on volunteers during the winter months. 

If you’re planning on taking a trip with the girls, turn the trip into a staycation to save carbon emissions and discover more of your local area at the same time. Visit a nearby nature preserve to learn more about your local ecosystem and end the outing with a fun picnic, or look up a few restaurants that use local ingredients and see what they have to offer.   


Show how much you really care by putting your love and affection into homemade baked goods.  Our Gluten Free Truffle Cake Cups make the perfect centerpiece for your gathering and are gilded with eco-friendly truffles on top.  

Instead of going out to dinner, consider having an evening in and making dinner together. Put local, seasonal ingredients at the center of your meal for a climatarian, eco-friendly dinner that creates lasting memories. Or you could have a potluck and have everyone bring one dish made with something from this year’s or last year’s garden to add a local food twist.

If alcohol is on the menu, focus on buying from local wineries and breweries as much as possible. You could put together a fun, local wine-tasting with wines from around the area.  Bonus points if the wines are made from regeneratively grown grapes! 


We’ll state the obvious first: giving the gift of delicious, eco-friendly chocolate is always a good idea.  Our Truffle Thins are perfect for adding to a basket of goodies or all on their own.  If you want even more selection, our Valentine’s Day Collection has something for every type of chocolate lover out there. 

Rather than giving gifts that are holiday specific and single-use (think red teddy bear covered in hearts), focus on gifts that have multiple uses and an earth-friendly tone. Give the gift of food sustainability by gifting a homemade herb garden for their kitchen windowsill, or a basket full of seeds to help start their garden when spring arrives. You can even make your own plantable hearts or cards with wildflower seeds and paper pulp.

Cut flowers are beautiful for a little while, but don’t offer much beyond the first few days of giving them. Consider giving a houseplant or even a tree for their yard instead.  It will look beautiful year after year, and improve air quality at the same time!

Celebrate your love by eating good food and spending quality time with all the special ladies in your life. Happy Galantine's day!

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