Vegan Chocolate Halloween Bark

Halloween and chocolate go hand in hand! This delicious Halloween bark is the perfect low-sugar sweet to bring to your Halloween party! It's vegan, oh-so-easy to make and seriously addicting.



  • 6  Bars (480 g) of Alter Eco's Deep Dark Sea Salt Chocolate
  • A handful of vegan popcorn (fresh popped or packaged)
  • A handful of pretzels
  • 50g of melted white chocolate
  • Cranberries
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Halloween sprinkles


  1. Melt the 6 Sea Salt bars over a double broiler or in the microwave. Stir constantly until you have a smooth consistency.
  2. Spread melted chocolate over a sheet of parchment paper.
  3. Add popcorn, cranberries, pretzels, and pumpkin seeds.
  4. Allow bark to harden slightly before adding the sprinkles, or else they will sink into the chocolate.
  5. Refrigerate bark for 20 minutes.
  6. Once hardened remove from the refrigerator and drizzle the melted white chocolate over the bark.
  7. Once the white chocolate is hardened, break up the bark and enjoy!

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