A Day of Climatarian Recipes

This month, we went climatarian and asked you to join us.  Focused on plant-based, local food, the climatarian diet is a healthy choice for you and the planet, but hey -- changing eating patterns can be challenging.  We’ve already offered meal prep advice to make the switch, but now we’re going to give you our favorite climatarian recipes for every meal of the day! 

Breakfast: Sweet Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

Add a plant protein-packed punch to your day with this delicious recipe.  The bananas and strawberries can easily be swapped out for whatever fruit is in season, like apples in the fall.  


Lunch: Autumn Kale Salad with Maple Vinaigrette

A delicious way to add the fall harvest to your day.  The type of squash available at your local farmers’ markets may vary, but this salad will be delicious with any type of winter squash. 

Credit: Hannah Magee RD

Snack: Churro-Inspired Roasted Chickpeas

Get the same tantalizing taste of a cinnamon-laden churro but with an extra kick of protein from chickpeas!  

Dinner: Versatile Veggie Scrap Stock

This recipe is amazing as-is, but one of the great things about stock is its versatility.  You can add any in-season ingredients that sound good to you.  Try adding beans, lentils, local meats (regeneratively grown if possible), sweet potatoes, etc.  The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing stock.  


Feel free to play with and customize these recipes to fit whatever is in season and whatever you can buy locally.  One of the benefits of eating a climatarian diet is that it teaches us to be in-tune with the foods locally produced around us, and it offers a chance to be creative with every recipe we try.  

There you have it, a full day of plant-based, climatarian recipes that will leave you satisfied and your carbon footprint a little lighter. Happy eating!

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